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Twitter Edits: Will You Be Paying for Them With Twitter Blue?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Twitter Edits: Will You Be Paying for Them With Twitter Blue?

It’s been over four years since people have been talking about Twitter edits. Back in 2017, it seemed like the Twitter edit button was coming. However, it didn’t and now in 2022, it was talked about again by Elon Musk.

Many folks using Twitter have been wanting Twitter edits for years now. You’ve experienced it: typing too fast on your mobile to respond to a tweet and then you see the nasty typo. Now what? You can send another tweet with a correction or update or choose to ignore it. Finally, this is being tested!

Elon Musk had taken to Twitter to talk about the Twitter edit button. He said that Twitter is working on it and that it should be available soon. That was great news for Twitter users who have been waiting for this feature for a long time.

twitter edit button Will you pay for the Twitter edit button with a “Blue” subscription?

This is great news for Twitter users who have been waiting for this feature for a long time. #TwitterEditButton
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Twitter Edit Button – Soon a Reality?

Then I saw this tweet last week and most of all I got really excited! Did you see this tweet by one of the biggest users of Twitter with 80 million followers? It sure got a lot of Twitter users excited.

And then, of course, the news broke that Elon purchased the largest stake in Twitter and he declined to become a board member. (If he did he could only purchase up to 15% of the company.) Of course, since then a lot has happened but we will have to wait until October for their court case to see what happens with the Elon Musk Twitter deal. (It appears it may be over!)

Do you want an edit button?

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 5, 2022

Now in September of 2022  Twitter is testing this feature with the Twitter Blue Accounts However, I’ve read that you will only have 30 minutes to make any edits to your original tweets.

How will you recognize a Twitter Edit?

The Twitter edits will feature:

  • An icon
  • A timestamp
  • Label

These 3 features will let other users know that you have edited your tweet. If you TAP the label, you will see the original tweet and the edits.

Twitter Blue – Paying For The Twitter Edit Button

Twitter Blue is their paid subscription service. The price in the United States is $2.99 per month for Twitter Blue. You can sign up for it anytime on your Twitter account under your account settings.

It may be worth the $2.99/month now with the edit button. Twitter claims: “Twitter Blue simply offers an opt-in layer of customization for your Twitter experience. ” 

Twitter blueWill you subscribe to Twitter Blue to pay for the Twitter edit button?

My friend Carolyn from the Wonder of Tech wrote about Twitter Blue here for more info.

What Will You Do With Twitter Edits?

First of all, Twitter edits should be quick and easy. Twitter is the fastest pace social network. Therefore having the ability to quickly change a tweet within a quick time period (seconds) would be a huge win for many users. Many users say these edits would make them happy on Twitter.

It reminds me of the birthdays on Twitter that came about years ago. You can easily edit those out so people won’t know your birthdate but many leave it in.

@adntaylor Woops. One of those moments wish Twitter allowed edits! I’ve made a correction tweet for now

— Peter Clarke (@PedroClarke1) January 7, 2017

How Twitter Edits Can Be Complicated

Twitter edits could be a great way for Twitter to improve the quality of its content. But there are some potential complications that could arise from implementing such a feature.

For one, Twitter would have to establish some hard and fast rules about what constitutes an edit, how to edit, and when an edit can be done. Otherwise, there could be a lot of confusion and misuse of the feature.

Another potential complication is that Twitter edits could change the way the platform is used. For example, if people can easily edit their tweets after they’ve been posted, they may be less likely to think carefully about what they’re posting in the first place.

This could lead to more carelessness and impulsiveness on Twitter, which could ultimately degrade the quality of the platform.

So while Twitter edits could be a helpful addition, there are some potential complications that need to be considered before implementation.

Tweets As Public Records – A Problem for Twitter Edit Button?

So you’ve heard it all before right? It could be complicated! Yes, even with Twitter edits. Twitter is a public record. According to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, most states’ public records law likely includes social media.

Therefore, this means that all Tweets, including those mistaken or offensive ones, are subject to the same laws governing the government’s and public officials’ email or physical records. This means tweets can be used in court cases, etc.

So if Tweets are edited, what will it do to that public record? In addition, even Jack the CEO refers to it in another tweet on the matter back in 2016.

Edit: clearest ask was to provide a quick way to fix errors. Anything beyond requires showing edit history given tweets are public record

— jack (@jack) December 30, 2016

Most of all it is a great way to see what you tweeted about years ago if you have been on the Twitter network for some time. A great way to use tweets in court cases too if necessary.

Emergency Disclosure Requests of Tweets

In line with their Privacy Policy, Twitter may disclose account information to law enforcement in response to a valid emergency disclosure request.

Twitter evaluates emergency disclosure requests on a case-by-case basis in compliance with relevant law. If they receive information that provides them with a good faith belief that there is an exigent emergency involving a danger of death or serious physical injury to a person, they may provide any available information necessary to prevent that harm.

Some natures of emergency may include reports of suicide, terrorist attack, bomb threat, etc.

Would the Twitter edit button make a difference in these emergency reports? 

Embedded Tweets

Many news organizations use embedded tweets on their digital websites and in print. If one was to edit a tweet would that update the embedded tweet?

That seems like it would become a technical nightmare for many news organizations and websites. However, if the embedded tweets were to be automatically changed with the edit button that would be a great Twitter feature to have. I believe they will be, however, be aware you may need to clear your browser’s cache to see them.

Twitter Edit Time Stamps

Since everything on Twitter is mostly in chronological order (depending on your Twitter feed set up) would the new Twitter edit get a new timestamp?  That would have to be a must in my Twitter playbook. Furthermore what about notifications?

time stamp tweetsMake the edited tweets time-stamped for accuracy.

Would your followers be notified when you made an edit? Another technical hurdle to overcome for Twitter with a new edit feature.

Since everything on Twitter is mostly in chronological order (depending on your Twitter feed set up) would the new Twitter edit get a new timestamp? #TwitterEditButton
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Retweets with the Twitter Edit Button

In addition to the above, what about retweets? A Twitter user makes a great point in this tweet below on retweets: Retweets are considered just like tweets. Because of this retweets should include the edits somehow.

My hot take on @twitter allowing edits is absolutely no changes after the tweet has been retweeted.

— Colton Woytas (@c0ltdawg) December 29, 2016

So even all retweets are of public record. As a result, any Twitter edits have to be carefully considered.  It will be interesting to see how this edit feature unfolds in 2022.

Recently a  Twitter user has come up with a nice solution here:

Forum software often allows editing for a minute or so.

That gives time to review and catch a misspelling or awkward sentence construction & make a quick correction.

Put a new tweet on a timer. Don’t allow retweets for 60 seconds. Allow editing during that time.

— Sam Robb (@Samrobb4Liberty) April 5, 2022

Facebook’s Edit Option

Yet Facebook allows editing – you may be wondering why. Their way around editing is this: “any post that has undergone delayed modification will brandish a small type that says “Edited,” and when that is clicked on, it reveals the editing history of the post in question.” via Digitaltrends. 

You can also view your Facebook archive similar to Twitter’s here. Seems like Twitter should try to follow in Facebook’s footsteps in this one. If you have been a reader here at Inspire to Thrive for a while you know I don’t want Twitter to be like Facebook but they could use a few of their tried and true tactics.

Now this question came up recently and I liked the answer below:

We solved this on Facebook a long time ago. You just include an indicator that it has been edited along with a change log. If you are really worried about embeds they can point to a specific revision in that history but with a link to the latest edit. Not a real issue.

— Boz (@boztank) April 5, 2022

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Your Turn

Because of the complications do you think Twitter should allow Twitter Edits? Are you a Twitter Blue member? I’d love to hear from you as well!

How will you be using the Twitter edit button if you subscribe? Do you think the Like button will stay on Twitter? I’d love to know more in the comments below!

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You can see the results of my quick Twitter poll back in 2017 on Twitter edits below when this first blog post was written here:

Are you happy to see Twitter edits may be coming in 2017?

— Lisa ??? (@Lisapatb) January 8, 2017

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