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Twitter - Do It Right!

By Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
Twitter - Do it Right! Twitter is a powerful tool for known and popular people, for less known or even unknown people is just another useless way of expressing your thoughts into the universe 'cause from what it looks the universe is the only big thing that listens to you, through Twitter or Facebook, either way.
As in the case of a blog and its readers, to have a lot of followers you need to be a public person, with a lot of fake friends, and who does participate to a lot of public events of an economical, social or political nature. To have people express their interest towards your blogger, twitter or facebook products you need to express an interest too, true or fake, 'cause sometimes it may be difficult to read stuff from hundreds of people. Except when you are a guru of some kind and people will follow you blindly in hope for free wisdom if that's the case.
Twitter is another way to notice how shallow some people are, they start following you, and the minute they see you don't follow them back they unfollow in a blink of an eye, some people expect it to be mutual. Well, from where I stand Twitter is one thing that should not be mutual, 'cause for me Twitter is like the favorite newspaper I never had, when I visit my Twitter account I wanna read interesting stuff, make a reply of some kind and if it is the case to socialize a bit.
Not every single person I follow follows me back and don't expect them too, if they find me interesting and worth of following back kudos to them.
As I said, there are individuals who start following me and expect to do the same thing, but if I see that we have nothing in common I'm sorry but I'm not going to follow back. I just don't want to have other pretty much interesting tweets buried in the load of crappy ones.
Here are some examples of situations when I am more than glad to follow a person:
  • who is Cancerian (born between June 22 and July 22), as I am, because I noticed a predictability of the way we think, no matter what people say I notice stuff, they like to sleep during the day and be awake during the night, the nighttime is the time when they feel like the fish in the see, plus, they have similar thoughts to mine towards many things like friends and friendship, solitude, relationships, girls and other stuff.
  • who is interesting, positive and gives me opportunities to become a better person, who might represent an example for me, who has something to offer unconditionally and without expectations
  • I also might follow somebody just to express my support, until they grow a bigger audience and then without having them notice quickly unfollow them 'cause following them would go against something I said earlier in the article
  • I like following celebrities, as stupid as it may sound, but then again I follow celebrities I have something in common with, who's talent and skills I find amazing and stunning, who may represent an example for others
  • people are not the only ones to stay in touch with, there are entities too, organizations you have common interests and beliefs, or simply TV shows you love very much and from which you have learned a lot over the years.
There might be exceptions too, nothing I can think off right now but it's better be worth it 'cause in everything I do I look for meaning and common sens, otherwise it's just not worth it.
I'm on Twitter  not just to tweet but read other' tweet too, not selfish that way.
I wish everybody to have the number of followers they want to have, I want everybody to be heard and not be ignored, through Twitter or Facebook. Try and take my advice, try and follow people who really deserve it, who's tweets you'll find enriching and interesting, who's tweets are worth your attention.
That's all for today.
Inspire and be inspired every single day.
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