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Twitter – Cowboys and Angels

Posted on the 26 October 2011 by Combi31 @combi31

Twitter – Cowboys and Angels

Twitter Cowboys and Angels

I’m getting slightly worried that I am turning into a Twitter ranter – moaning about things Twitter, but this is not what I am aiming at, the devil made me do it, honest!

I love Twitter, the French have a saying “Don’t spit in the soup”, i.e. don’t criticize things for the sake of it or spoil something you are going to eat – had to be a food link if it comes from France, didn’t it.

I should restate that, I love the greater part of Twitter, but there are things on Twitter, to paraphrase peter Griffin, that really grind my gears.

Yeah, we all know the feeling, countless spams and scammers – Brittney spams, pseudo porno, get-rich-quick merchants.

Messages that smack so much of insincerity that you feel like you’ve OD’d on a kilo of cheap chocolates, “Wow, you’re awesome, let’s connect on Facebook”.

Well if I wanted to connect on facebook, people, I would have been there in the first place and then perhaps I would have taken you up on your cheesy invitation.

There, I’m off on one, but this makes me so angry, and I’m sure that I’m not alone here, judging by some of the cautionary DMs I receive from new followers and other comments in tweets.

I’ve had a flood of great followers over the last few months, sincere, humane, friendly and warm people that really make one feel like some sort of bond, albeit electronic and virtual, is going on.

Some really nice people who I’ve really felt attracted to as friends. Now, that is starting to sound strange, isn’t it?

Well maybe, but I’m surely not in a minority with feeling like this, or am I?

I have read some great tips from people generous enough to fish out nuggets of useful information for the benefit of others – some people are real givers, which is so encouraging today.

The one’s that make me mad are those who flood people with useless get-rich-quick, “I made $1,000,000 while I was asleep”, but they’re not even frank and honest about that, they bait people with little pieces of, well lies basically – “You must read this” etc.

Some at least have the ostensible honesty to choose a supercar as an avatar image, or do they really believe the rubbish that they are peddling?

At least it serves as a red rag for me to steer well clear – I thank you!

OK, there must be some who are making money out of Twitter – great, but please do it ethically and don’t hassle the rest of us who couldn’t give a flying F*ck what you make.

Then there is the Tweeter’s insatiable hunger for more followers.

OK mea culpa, I did fall foul of this one too – but I can’t explain why I wanted more followers – just virtual peer pressure maybe.

The experience was good though, you know, sign up to this or that follow-train and get 100 followers instantly – it then sent out automated messages, which was then answered by one of my followers at the time (he no longer follows me and I don’t blame him either) – a short, curt message “hey, quality, not quantity”.

I didn’t even know that automatic messages were, nor could be sent, but I can empathise with him – he was so right Quality not Quantity!

So now, that is my focus on Twitter building relationships with quality people, which leads me to the reason for writing this post.

I received a message this afternoon from a recent follower, a DM, with a link! Yes, I can hear your breath whistling between your teeth, he didn’t open it did he?

Well, yes I did, and I am so glad I did.

I believe that there are more good people in the world than bad people with bad intentions so throwing caution to the wind, I opened the link.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect, the message read, “Let’s change the world, one person at a time”. Sounds pretty cheesy, huh?

There are two ways of looking at it, I suppose but after I saw the video that was attached, I felt very happy and very moved – it was so beautiful.

Now, I’m not going to try to explain the video and I recognize that this may not move others but it so did move me that I want to pass it on and thank my friend for sending this to me, here is the link – it is not spam nor undesireable content – just have a look for yourself: Change the world one person at a time

So, at times we can get really fed up of the endless flow of spam, scammers, hackers and general n’ere do wells that populate the Twittersphere – but there is always hope, as if nestling at the bottom of Pandora’s box, when we have friends like this who share content like this.

Thank you Cindy Sutton!

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Twitter – Cowboys and Angels
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