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Twit Twooooo

By Rumtruffle @Rumtruffle7
Week 3 at Glazed Creations took us to looking at masking areas out. The project this week was an owl plate. The photographs below show the steps we took to complete the project.Twit TwoooooPip gave us a cute owl to cut out.We stuck it in place ready for the first coat of glaze.Twit TwoooooTwit TwoooooIn between waiting for each coat of glaze to dry I added wording to the rim of the plate.Twit TwoooooI removed the owl template using a pin and took care not to chip the glaze.Twit TwoooooThe next step was painting the rim of the plate on the wheel. This was a scary step as it was the first time I had tried this.Twit TwoooooTwit TwoooooOnce this was dry I painted in the details of the owl using various brushes for different effects and removed the lettering.Twit TwoooooThis is the finished result ready for firing.Twit TwoooooTwit Twooooo

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