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Twin Vs. Single Bed Size: Differences Between Both Mattress Sizes

By Richard Morse @insidebedroom

Many people get confused by the Twin vs. Single bed size. There are fundamental differences between the Twin and Single beds and mattresses, and it is important to understand this when choosing a mattress. So let's begin by looking at the Twin vs. Single mattress sizes.

Twin Bed Sizes: Twin + Twin XL

A Twin bed is designed to be one of a pair of beds. The reason for the term 'Twin bed' is that the two beds are exactly the same. They are designed to be two of the same for guest rooms, where two people can sleep separately or together. Simply push the two beds together, and you can use the combined bed for couples who prefer this type of arrangement.

A Twin mattress is 38″ wide and x 75″ in length. However, some people will find 75 inches (6ft 3in) too short for them, so most manufacturers offer an extra long (Twin XL) version at 80 inches (6ft 8in). This is more suitable for taller adults and teenagers. Read this article to know more about Twin and Twin XL mattress.

Single vs. Twin Bed Bed Sizes

Twin vs. Single Bed Size: Differences Between Both Mattress Sizes

A Single bed is exactly what it says it is a bed for Single occupancy. Its dimensions are 38″ x 75″ - the same as a Twin. Most parents use this as a child's bed, where it will provide a bed for a child from the post-cot stage up to high school. Many children never outgrow a Single bed, although if they do, then a Twin XL is a good option. The Single bed is the most popular choice for furnishing a child's bedroom. If two kids share a room, then Twin beds would be the obvious choice.

Single Vs. Twin Mattress: What's the Difference?

If a Single and Twin are the same dimensions, why have both? In fact, when shopping for a bed many stores and manufacturers offer only the Twin. Buy one Twin as a Single, or two Twins as Twin beds. Many hotels use Twins, so they have two Single beds of the same design in a room.

Fundamentally, there is no difference. Some people have the misconception that the term 'Twin' means that the bed is suitable for two people - but that is incorrect. It is suitable for only one person. A Twin bed and Twin mattress is the same as a Single bed and Single mattress. Two Twin beds can be situated in a room with two nightstands between them.

Single vs. Twin XL Bed Size

A Single vs. Twin XL comparison is a valid one. This is exactly the same as comparing Twin vs. Twin XL beds and mattresses. Here, the only difference is one of length. Many people tend to choose the Twin XL from the start, thus ensuring that their child is unlikely to outgrow it. This is a particularly good choice if the parents are tall. It can reasonably be assumed that the children will also be tall - too tall for a Single mattress size once they hit mid-teens.

Keep in mind that 75 inches of mattress length is not the full sleeping length. Very few people will sleep right up to the top edge of their pillow. A 75-inch mattress likely loses about 5 inches or more of sleeping length because of this.

So a standard Twin or Single bed would likely provide just 70 inches (5ft 10in) of effective length. A 6-footer might have 2 inches of toes hanging outside the bed! That is one reason for many people choosing the Twin XL over a Twin or Single bed.

Twin vs. Single Bed Size: Conclusion

So, to recap:

Single Bed/1 Twin Bed: Child's room or smaller guest rooms. Twin Beds: Children's room with more than one child to accommodate; lower budget hotel rooms with two or more adults to accommodate. Also Twin XL for adults. If a boy has tall parents, it may be worthwhile choosing the Twin XL.

Twin XL: Single hotel room, Guest rooms to accommodate one or more adults.

There really is no debate regarding the Twin vs. Single bed size. That is because they are identical. Sure, there may be slight differences between them, but only in the arrangement of additions such as under-bed drawers. Some Twins are made in pairs so that the drawers are not situated on the same side of the pair of beds. More often than not, though, they are exactly the same with headboards/footboards able to be fitted to either end.

Single beds become Twin beds when they are purchased in pairs. That is one of the reasons why many bed and mattress companies do not offer Single beds as an alternative if they are already marketing Twin beds. In the UK and Continental Europe, the Single and Twin sizes are also the same at 35″ x 75″ (UK) and 35″ x 79″ (Eur).

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