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Twin Style: Black Mini Skirt with Delighted Laura (Outfit)

By Themowway @themowway  - Twin Style: Black mini skirtHere we are with another "Twin Style" outfit post, featuring my delightful friend Laura from "The blog of worldly delights". We choose a theme and we both post our matching outfits together. It's a GREAT wardrobe-remix challenge! seeing how another person styles a certain item of clothing that you already own and inspiring you! :)  - Twin Style: Black mini skirt See Laura's FULL outfit post HERE!As usual, Laura looks perfect. I just love the way she pairs dark colours with a bright pop or an expected color which brightens the whole outfit and makes you smile! I can't believe I was actually wearing yellow (well, mustard) coloured tights in the morning, but I managed to stain myself before leaving my wardrobe, so I had to change in the last minute, doh! See her other outfit posts here!  - Twin Style: Black mini skirt
As I was telling Laura: had a bit of a hard time with these photos. my photographer claimed to be out of inspiration (real meaning: my boyfriend didn't want to stand on a windy street while I froze to have my photos taken), but in the end I dragged him out, although he left his "artistic skills" at home. :)  - Twin Style: Black mini skirt  - Twin Style: Black mini skirt     So, can we just talk makeup for a second??? I have not airbrushed this photo AT ALL (I never airbrush my photos, by the way). How perfect is my face looking??? In case you didn't know, for the past four years I have suffered with terrible breakouts, a bit of acne. I've been to sooo many doctors, each one prescribing different medicines and really strong products and none have worked. A few months ago I decided to stop using everything and start from cero. Went onto Youtube, spent a few (hundreds) of hours watching skincare videos, learning about people with my skin type and problems were using and started using what I thought was best for me. And here you have the outcome! My face is looking beter than ever! PLUS, thanks to Youtube I've also learned tips and tricks to apply my makeup, making the most out of what I have and I think I've done quite a good job! :) I'm recording videos, i'd make me super happy if you could take a minute and subscribe to my Youtube channel!  - Twin Style: Black mini skirtAnd a few snapshots of my day. Cutie Paris, my pet pig, is always a big part of my life! :)  - Twin Style: Black mini skirt    Did you like this collaborative post?Hope so, many more to come!!! What I wore:
Parka: HM (60)
Cardi: Zara (12)Shirt: Vintage (1)Skirt: HM divided (10)Booties: Blanco Suite (50)
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