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Twin Flames ….Blessing Or Curse… What is It?

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

Back to back couple silhouetteDear Lois and Clark,


Twin souls meeting is a blessing or a curse.?  When do twin souls meet?  If the meeting due to their spiritual growth happens in the last in carnation,then y do they separate.?  If separated then how many years will it take normally for reunion?  Can u pls describe the traits of the male and female twins.


Dear friend,


Twin souls colliding is more of this action, regardless of blessing or curse.  This is a trigger connection.  It has to show you how you interact in the world of form.  How we treat each other as humans, how we treat our planet, how we treat all living and non living things.  This is a reflective connection, it shows you how you think, how you move, how you create energy based on egoic mode of thinking and how you interact when you are not thinking and just being.  The mirror is the core of this connection!


Why do they separate my friend is based on how deep you live in the lie of being inside your thinking vs knowing.  A easy definition of knowing is to close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat and tell your thinking to stop your heart.. It can’t do this because of the principe law of unconditional love. It will beat till it is done no matter the steps taken into the doorway intentional, an act of violence, or other.  In the meantime it does this regardless of thinking and how you interact without it.  What if you stayed connected to your heartbeat what would you lose or gain?  Nothing as a matter of fact nothing is what is so intense to us as humans.  We fear nothing as way of being, and not see the truth about being human, as a soul experiencing such.  All the miracles that are happening inside you at this moment are not in connection to you and you seek a relationship outside yourself to cover this up as we do with anything.  How do you find the truth about yourself without this journey?  Especially when it has come that we as individuals have been taught to ignore what is inside the simplicity of being alive and being of love.  All relationships are flawed because even our first relationships in this existence come from something we see as broken or perfect, not seeing that we are born unto what we are in the foreground of it.


Some twins meet because of a belief deeply embedded in knowing.. Something in them that says there is more to love, or something beyond love that exist.. It doesn’t truthfully have anything to do with spiritual or religion, it has to do with the splitting atom we make science, yet don’t see that when close back to what it split from that some energy left from it causes the atom to vibrate back together if the lines are lined up in such a way.  A soul that splits to experience itself is what this connection is.  It can be any form male or female, male or male, female or female.. some are connected to something greater in energy some are the birth of energy.


The traits of twins,  how many traits and what those traits consist of is much like looking for content where none has ever traveled.  I am not saying that a trait is what you seek in this way.  You can be total opposites as in any law of yin and yang.  The chaos of connection is not in the way we connect but how we disconnect.  This happens as you create individual space apart to grow in the mind made you.  This will never point you to a subtle trait or what trait will be attractive to you as a twin.  It is about being connected in the greater intelligence in you.  Yes this means experiencing the others greater intelligence.  The share heartbeat, the closer this connection becomes the more you will experience hearing each others hearts for it is part of the same soul.  If the soul looked into a mirror it would see itself and it’s shape of what it has endured would be much different yet it would be the same.  There is no place you can find this anywhere from what you can find in the world.  All of these answers lie directly inside of your truth as a soul having a human experience.  The powerful trait is that it will be a cementing factor to remove what the mind will tell you the connection is.  It can’t be taught in the mind, it will teach inside of your knowing.  This is unbearable for the mind and causes a challenge of the mind to produce more lies to keep you from this truth.  It happens when you become present in the presence of your twin.  This causes the splinter of the root.  The root is any teachings you have taken from outside and placed inside this is what this is by stating trait and it becomes survival and running from pain which is birth if you endure and go through it’s labor pains.  It is not something that is supposed to be easy or be magical from what the mind sees as easy and magical each endured pain brings you to the truth.. the truth about what the truth of connection is.



Love Deeply,


Lois and Clark

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