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Twelve People Who Should Host SNL Next Season

Posted on the 01 August 2013 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

As SNL gears up for another season, they are going to have to start booking hosts. Here are ten suggestions of people who should definitely be considered for hosting:

1) Nick Offerman

The Parks and Recreation standout has segued into movies recently, starring in The Kings Of Summer, and the upcoming We’re The Millers with SNL alum Jason Sudekis. Plus, his sitcom airs on NBC, with SNL alum Amy Poehler, so it would also help to promote the struggling critical darling.

2) Donald Glover

Speaking of critical darlings, Community is struggling too. Even though Donald Glover is leaving the show this season, he is still one of the best characters there. He has an improv background, and there’s a pretty strong internet campaign to get him to host. Will Lorne Michaels pay attention? He can even be the musical guest, as Childish Gambino is the type of off-beat music that SNL sometimes likes to promote.

3) Aziz Ansari

If you don’t want to do Nick Offerman, stand-up comic Aziz has been slowly breaking through into movies. He was last seen in This Is The End.

4) Michael J. Fox

Come on. Fox hasn’t hosted SNL since 1991. I suppose, at least, he got a chance. But with his new NBC sitcom, wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to see him have a second chance? Lindsay Lohan has hosted 4 times for christ sakes.

5) Anna Camp

I know. She’s not a huge name. And I can’t imagine her ever being picked. But Anna Camp has shown some serious comedic skills, as well as dramatic skills. Her TV resume (True Blood, The Good Wife, The Mindy Project, Vegas) should make her well known to people who watch TV.

6) Rebel Wilson

I feel like this is a forgone conclusion, and I shouldn’t even need to mention it. Rebel is one of the fastest growing celebrities right now. The only thing that may hurt her is that her new fall sitcom, Super Fun Night, is on ABC… and critics say it is terrible.

7) Robin Williams

The last time he hosted? 1984. Come on now.

8) Casey Wilson

I don’t really know why SNL hates her so much, but as a consolation prize to the cancellation of Happy Endings, I’d love to see her back on SNL. Maybe she could be a regular again.

9) Andy Samberg

Another alumni. I know. But Andy hasn’t hosted since he left, and we miss his digital shorts. His new fall sitcom Brooklyn NIne-Nine would be an excellent reason for him to host.

10) Stephen Colbert

Has never hosted SNL. And he has a background in improv comedy. Rectify this situation immediately.

11) Will Arnett

He has a new fall sitcom, The Millers, and he’s also never hosted. Arrested Development and he never got an offer? That’s just crazy talk.

12) Key and Peele

SNL has had the Olsen twins host SNL before, so they are open to duos hosting. Will they allow the irreverent duo a chance to showcase their comedy to a wider audience? Probably not. One can hope.


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