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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Parts of Ranana are still flooded from the recent rains, and without electricity.
The other day Naftali Bennet posted online that he still had no electricity in his house. Gidon Saar responded that he would take care of it. Shortly after that, the electricity returned, and Bennet posted that electricity was back. Saar jokingly asked him why he didn't post a thank you to Saar for that.
Today Bennet posted a picture on Twitter that shows his street to be flooded. and let Gidon Saar know that he should take care of it. And Gidon Saar again responded. Check it out..
הרחוב שלי עכשיו. גדעון, טפל. — Naftali Bennett (@naftalibennett) October 28, 2015

and Gidon Saar's response:
@naftalibennett אחי, אין לך קשרים בממשלה? בשביל מה לקחתי פסק זמן? — גדעון סער (@gidonsaar) October 28, 2015

it is nice to see politicians with a sense of humor...
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