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Tweets from SocialMediaInRecruitment Conference 2012

Posted on the 19 April 2012 by Weszmadz @weszmadz

Mike Taylor of Social Media In Recruitment hosted the Social Media In Recruitment Conference, 19th April 2012 at the Congress Centre in London. The fourth one of its kind.

Below is a random selection of some of the Tweets that came from the event under the hashtag #SMIR

@99GR81 ”most organisations are vomiting jobs” < most candidates are vomiting applications right back #SMIR
@James_Mayes @raymckeating ”social” has no geography. Social media does. #SMIR
@TheSourceress I’m reminded of my blog post – It’s Called Social Media For A Reasonhttp://ht.ly/alG5a #smir
@_k_johnson Its not just about content. who’s gonna do the “social” & building of relationships – conversations etc – the long game #SMIR
Ben Phillips ‏ @TRecKnowledgy A linkedin status of “I’m recruiting for a blah blah blah” is not#socialrecruiting. We’ve been doing this on job boards since mid 90s#SMIR
#SMIR 75% of jobseekers look to the career website for info. Still key portal, but should link to & from other channels
@CasualFilms Social networks increasing in use, career websites decreasing over last 3 years as a way of finding out about employers #SMIR
 @DavidJohnston1 Show the conversations on your career site. Give insight and activity, but don’t vomit jobs…#SMIR
@RayMackeating Interesting…64% job seekers expect to find employers presence on on Facebook #SMIR 
@ToriAtHead Interesting stats- of recent graduates in the UK only 26% are on Twittter & 24% are on LinkedIn, but 93% are on Facebook #SMIR
 @James_Mayes#smir Def challenging the stats here. 34% of students expect an employer to be on G+? No, I think not.
@JackkBarton LinkedIn isn’t Social Media #SMIR 
@AmarSanghera People who just want a “job” want a quick application process. People who want a “CAREER” appreciate & understand a longer process#SMIR 
 @JackkBarton LinkedIn isn’t Social Media #SMIR <if you just advertise & search. That’s a job board
@Socialmediarec Content rich twitter profile four times more popular than jobs Twitter profile for successsappts #smir
@socialjulia ”It’s not about stats, it’s about reality.” Favourite quote of the day so far from #smir
@James_Mayes @mobile_dave At #smir @successappts are showing off what they’ve done with mobile. Might be a review candidate for you.
@irishrecruiter: LinkedIN Groups surely work better than LinkedIN Jobs!
@ehsantweets Recruitment & attracting talents based on principles of advertising is not the best approach. Social recruitment = exact type of job. #SMIR 
@garelaos Well done to @successappts for getting stuck into SM and embracing failure too. The industry could learn a lot from them. #smir
Tweets from SocialMediaInRecruitment Conference 2012

Social Media In Recruitment Conference -19th April 2012, Congress Centre, London

@hhudda_newfront It’s all about engagement! Do it, and do it well. #SMIR
@UKSourcers ”You’ve just got to go for it, there’s risk involved with everything you do in business.” Steven Selby @successappts #smir 
@garelaos if you aren’t creating value in some way as an org, then you dont exist #community #smir
@TRecKnowledgy The key is to attract (& connect) in #LinkedInGroups, & take candidates to your ‘platform’ like a blog #SMIR
@JackkBarton @TheSourceress I think there has to be a distinction between business media and social media that is then used for business.#SMIR 
@Ehsantweets Couple of years ago some brands said Social Media is about experiment. It is not an experiment anymore; just the time to get it right. #SMIR 
@Socialmediarec Blogged: How job seekers use Social Media When Job Hunting And What They Expect To See From Employers http://bit.ly/JNiRCJ #smir
@RayMckeating Social media helps bring down the cost associated with recruiting#SMIR 
@MrPeterReagan Consider a thousand bad comments about your business on social media as free research. Monitor, Listen and take immediate action.#SMIR 
@MrPeterReagan Stop being afraid of people accessing social media in work time. Let them do it and the 2-3 week spike in activity will soon subside. #SMIR
@MrPeterReagan Agencies raise your game. If customers are better at using social media to recruit than we are, then market share is under threat!#SMIR
@CasualFilms ”Video is THE best way to give people an insight into your business”@katrinacollier @winningimpress #SMIR

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