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Tweeting Twice

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Have you noticed tweeting the same tweet does not always work? I noticed it the other day from the Buffer.
Tweeting Twice
I believe you can Tweet Twice or Tweet Three Times the same content. Just not all at the same time or spread out over hours and days. The Buffer app stops working if you try to tweet the same thing twice. 
The folks over at Buffer are great at getting back to you with any questions you may have. The have a little Need Help pop up and when you email them they email back promptly. Love that! They explained that I could not use same exact tweets in the Buffer because it would stop working and they are working on more features in the near future for their app. 
Looking over the Twitter blog I also learned you can tweet the same thing twice as long as you change at least 1 character. I think a lot of bloggers and websites tweet the same content over and over with just mixing up the messages along the way.
Do you mind seeing the same tweets twice and do you tweet the same tweet over?

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