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By Gldmeier @gldmeier

ר×�׊ ממ׊לה ׊ל×�חר מינויו ל×� הולך ל׊×�ת ×Ş×¤×™×œ×” ×‘×›×•×Ş×œ המערבי, ׊ריד בית מקד׊נו, ור×�׊ ממ׊לה ׊בנ×�ומו הר×�׊ון מ׊מיט ×�ת הביטוי ״בעזרת ×”׳״, גור×� לנו, המחנה היהודי וה×�מוני ×œ×Ş×—×•×Š×•×Ş ק׊ות. ×”×›×•×Ş×œ וה×�מונה בבור×�, ×”×� ×�לו המייחדי×� ×�ותנו כמדינה יהודית מכל העמי×�

— ×�ריה ×ž×›×œ×•×Ł דרעי (@ariyederi) July 2, 2022

Aryeh Deri tweets:A Prime Minister who does not go to the Kotel, the last remains of our Temple, after his appointment to say words of prayer, and a Prime Minister who in his first speech does not say the words "b'ezrat hashem" - with God's help, causes us, the Jewish and faithful camp, difficult feelings. The Kotel and our faith in the Creator, are what make us unique as a Jewish State from among all the nations.
Deri in his tweet refers to Yair Lapid's appointment as PM and not immediately going to the Kotel but to Yad Vashem, and not saying b'ezrat hashem in his speech. Lapid is one of the symbols of secularism in Israel. This brings to mind that in the past Lapid has said to Haredi MKs - we dont work for you, in other words he has no sense of need to do things just to make the Haredi parties happy, like saying things like with God's help and going to the Kotel, when he doesnt really believe in them himself.
Additionally, when Ayelet Shaked recently went to the Kotel after being appointed head of Yamina upon Bennett's resignation, and any time coalition members did religious things publicly, they were scoffed and laughed to by Deri's people as if they have no right to do anything religious while being part of such a government. So if they do stuff like that it is bad and if they dont it is bad. 
While I would like to see Lapid, or anybody, do such things, I would want them to be doing it on their own because they want to, not just to make the Haredi MKs happy. I like his attitude of "we dont work for you", and it is more important he work for the people than do things just for appearance's sake.
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