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By Gldmeier @gldmeier

גזירות ליברמן תשפ"ב: בישיבת אור ישראל נערכים להעלאת מחירי החד פעמי ומקדימים תרופה למכה. היום הגיע כמות ראשונה של 11 משטחים של חד פעמי לחצי שנה ובימים הקרובים יגיעו עוד

— משה ויסברג (@moshe_nayes) October 20, 2021

Translation:The Lieberman Decrees 5782:In Yeshivat Ohr Yisrael they are preparing for the sharp increase in prices of disposables dishware and are pre-empting it with a solution. Today the first batch of 11 pallets of disposable dishware, enough for 6 months. In the coming days more will arrive.
There were some good/interesting/witty responses to this. the best was maybe Avigdor Lieberman's tweet, asking, have you never heard of a dishwasher? Even without a dishwasher, it is probably cheaper to hire a Sudanese worker to wash the dishes if a dishwasher isnt realistic for the amount of boys they have to feed. When I was in yeshiva they didnt use disposables. Maybe today is different.
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