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By Gldmeier @gldmeier

ההסתה מצד העסקנים החרדים ממשיכה לחצות את גבולות הביקורת הלגיטימית. לא ייאמן שעיתון נותן במה לאמירה כזו במדינת ישראל. בושה!

— ישראל ביתנו (@Beytenu) October 16, 2021

Translation:(Tweet is from the Yisrael Beyteynu political party (headed by minister Avigdor Lieberman) official Twitter account)the incitement of the Haredi activists has crossed all the lines of legitimate criticism. It is unbelievable that a newspapers gives a platform for such statements in Israel! A shonda!The tweet attaches an op-ed form the Hamodia newspaper in which the author compares Avigdor Lieberman to Joseph Goebbels.
To be fair, like all, or at least almost all Holocaust comparisons, comparing Lieberman to Goebbels is despicable and demeaning to Holocaust survivors and to the memory of the Holocaust.
On the other hand, it is ironic to see Avigdor Lieberman complaining about Haredi incitement considering the level of incitement he has been involved in against the Haredi community for the past two years....tot
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