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By Gldmeier @gldmeier

אלף פעמים הסביר ראש העיר לשעבר ח"כ משה אבוטבול לביהמ"ש שאין סיכוי שהשלטים יוסרו מהעיר אתמול שוב המחזה המביש של רה"ע עליזה בלוך והמשטרה מנסים להסיר שלטים וברוח מכת הצפרדעים הקיצונים רק הרחיבו והוסיפו עוד ועוד שלטים חדשים.
מי מוכן להסביר לשופט חנן מלצר שאיים במאסר שמשה אבוטבול צדק? — איתי גדסי (@itayg1) February 12, 2020

Itai Gadasi tweeted: Former Mayor of Bet Shemesh MK Moshe Abutbol tried to explain to the courts a thousand times that there is no chance the signs can be removed from the city. Yesterday we once again we saw the shameful sight of Mayor Aliza Bloch and the police trying to remove the signs, and in the spirit of the plague of frogs the extremists expanded the number of signs more and more.
Who can explain to Justice Hanan Meltzer who threatened Abutbol with jail time that Abutbol was right?

It is a problem. They need to come up with a creative solution. Bloch even tried to compromise and had a sign put up that asked people to be sensitive to the neighborhood norms (without saying anything about modesty or women) but the extremists took it down and put their own back up, with many more all over and increased graffiti, even graffiti that was very nasty and inappropriate.
Provoke them and it gets worse. Gadassi, and Abutbol, has a point. But do we allow all criminals to just keep doing what they are doing because if we try to stop them they will increase their criminal activity in return? They need to find solutions. That's why they get paid the big bucks. I don't think leaving them be is a solution. Maybe if they lived in a secluded corner of town with nobody necessarily going through their neighborhood. But they live on a main artery from RBS to BS, and that makes this more problematic.
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