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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Mayor of Bet Shemesh Aliza Bloch tweeted out the following:
��拽专, ���� �� 注� ����� ��� 驻专住�� �专注 �� ���专 ��转�.
��� ��专� �砖 ��注������� ��专�专 �拽�爪����转. ����� ��拽 ���! �"砖 注住�拽� �����拽 �驻�转�� ��砖��. ������� ��专��� �� ��� �驻爪�� �砖���.
��专转� ��专��转 ���� ��� �砖�� �专拽�专 注� �砖���.
���专�转�� ����� 砖转专爪� ��� ��转� ���住�祝 ��专, ������转 ���� — 注���� ���� (@aliza_bloch) July 6, 2019

Bloch's tweet says: thank you Mr Lapid for your concern but negative publicity does not eliminate the problem. In every society there are those who drag things to the extreme point. I am not a part of that! Bet Shemesh is busy with hi-tech, development and debate. Secular and Haredi all want to live peacefully. I have chosen to increase love and not put the spotlight on hate. From my knowing you, I am confident you too want to increase the light, positive and good, along with me
This was in response to a tweet by MK Yair Lapid (Kachol Lavan) saying:
�拽专�� �注���� ����, 专�砖 注�专��转 ��转 砖�砖, ����转, �� �住转� ���专� ��住�专 ��� �砖转�拽. ��� 拽�专� ��砖�专� ��拽�专 ��注爪�专 �转 ��住�转��, ������ �� ��砖�� 砖专�爪��� �� 专�砖转 注�专 ��砖专��. — ���专 �驻�� Yair Lapid (@yairlapid) July 5, 2019

to call Aliza Bloch, Mayor of Bet Shemesh, a terrorist is seriosu incitement ad we cannot be silent. I call upon the police to investigate and arrest the inciters. Terrorists are people that kill, not an Israeli mayor.
Lapid referred to the pictyre from Friday in Bet Shemesh of graffiti on a wall as a result of City all demolishing a Bet Knesset that had been illegally built on public grounds.
Tweet of the Day
My take on this is that the fact that they write Bloch's name in public is actually signs of improvement, as usually they blot out names of women, or even the word woman, in public. These are baby steps but signs of improvement!
I would note that Bloch's tweet sounds nice, but a bit removed form reality. In her favor, the Iryah inspectors and workers went down quickly to remove the graffiti, even twice before Shabbos after new graffiti was put up and also scuffled with residents about this...
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