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By Gldmeier @gldmeier

דינר ליברלי - מעורב גברים ונשים - בהשתתפות ראש ישיבת לייקווד הגאון רבי מלכיאל קוטלר שאף נושא דברים — אברהם גרינצייג (@avigrin10) March 14, 2016

Some people are upset that Rav Malkiel Kotler, the rosh yeshiva of BMG, Lakewood Yeshiva, participated in, and spoke at, a mixed dinner. In the tweet this journalist calls it  a "liberal dinner" and points out that the crowd was mixed gender.
It seems he thinks Rav Kotler can't decide for himself what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. Maybe instead of criticizing Rav Kotler he should say something like - wait, if Rav Kotler would participate in such an event with a mixed audience, maybe it is not quite so bad as we think it is...
In  the meantime, hot off the success of the Haredi media to turn the Reform Kotel deal into such a crisis and force, by way of public pressure, the leadership to harden its stance, after the Haredi leadership was initially fine with letting the deal go through, the media is going now and telling rosh yeshivas what to do and how to act and what is right and what is wrong...
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