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TV: Season 2 of Girls to Feature a "Token Black Friend"

By Briennewalsh @BrienneWalsh



This morning, I’m all riled up about Girls, the season premiere of which I watched last night. In the break between seasons, I chalked up the furor I feel over the show to jealousy. But what I realized last night was that I’m not jealous at all—in fact, a large part of me wants to root for Lena Dunham, who is a young, talented woman who made a good film named Tiny Furniture.


I hopefully will have something more articulate to say about the matter in the future, but all I can post now is what I just wrote to a friend on GChat:

me:  it’s just so mediocre and it’s infuriating it is such bad messaging for girls i think in terms of sex and the way that guys treat these girls sex is completely joyless and awful not only for lena dunahm but also for allison williams, all of them they’re bad people they don’t do anything good for the world, or for anyone else there’s no kindness or love or joy it’s like more soulless than the real housewives, seriously i almost can’t articulate it the show is not particularly well written it’s funny like once in a while mostly because of zosia mamet and the gay dude the thing is, it’s not like Lena’s PURPOSEFULLY writing a selfish brat that’s really what she is that’s the character no introspection no commentary 

To which my friend responded that people want, and need to like the show, because everyone is looking for a weathervane to understand young people. But the show’s not a weathervane, or even anything noteworthy. The marketing people driving that message home are fooling us all into thinking that, however. Especially me, given that I get so worked up about it.

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