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Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter Picked

By Innstilettos
Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter Picked
So sorry you have been without My Daughter Is Getting Married for the past week.  I the nasty stomach virus that everyone seems to be getting.  Although I am super weak, blogging will now take place in my bed.
We have already shared the glamour of a pink wedding and the delights of a purple wedding.  Now we will venture in what a turquoise wedding looks like. 
I am not a huge fan of blue but guess who are daughter.  You didn't think we would really agree on something like the color of the wedding...did you?
Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter PickedI knew Danielle would never go for pink so I had already taken that off the list of possibilities.  It's my favorite color but as I have said a million times in the past...bride takes the  trophy and all the choices.
Actually, I started really getting into this color.  Like all the other colored based wedding, I would strongly suggest using the main color as an accent.  Too much turquoise and too many glasses of wine and might blinding.
Before we go down the road too far.  I ask that you look at the dress that is shown in my first picture.  Is it not to die for?  I am not sure if they put a blue cast lighting on the give dress the ever so soft touch.  This dress just stopped me in my tracks.
Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter PickedThen I had to peak around to see what was out there for people who wanted to add the color blue to the wedding cakes.  The cake to the left placed the blue tiny flowers on a chocolate iced cake...very popular combination this year.  With that being said, the cake is very current.  The cake to the right did a cute accent of blue on the cupcakes on the final three upper tiers.
Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter PickedTurquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter Picked For a bride who want to make her wedding dress a little more casual this turquoise ribbon belt does just the trick. Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter Picked Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter PickedFor full disclosure, I am the CEO of a women's shoe company so shoes pop in my head as soon as know there is an event to attend.  My daughter has opted out of shoes for her wedding day.  I have not.  So this will be my little indulgence on my daughters wedding day.  If you are the bride and are going with a more plain dress these might give you the full Cinderella look. It would also be a nice touch because it ties in nicely with the bridesmaids' dresses. Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter Picked This is a very pretty table display.  Simple elegance.  They incorporated a lot of white and clear glass which allowed this fabulous color to shine through. Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter Picked  If your wedding is going to be at the beach, you cannot help but think they painted the ocean water onto the sand with these tables.  This to me welcoming and natural. Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter PickedIf you are a turquoise girl, you will have no problem in the invitation world.  There are so many to choose. has some great things. Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter Picked Thank you Lord for giving the knowledge to put some color on our kitchen appliances.  Years ago it was stainless steel or white.  I love these various mixer and my daughter loved them too....the are on her wedding registry.  You find these treats on Williams Sonoma website  Turquoise Wedding...That is What My Daughter lets be honest...who doesn't love this shade?? I need to say more.  Kisses, Deborah Stilettoswww.MyDaughterIsGettingMarried

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