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Turning Your Bedroom Green With Organic Mattresses

By Zenbedrooms @zen_bedrooms

If a friend recently told you they are going green in the bedroom, you might initially think they’re headed to the hardware store to buy green paint. The simple reality, though, is that they probably mean something completely different. What they really mean when they say that they are going green with their bedroom is that they are replacing their mattress with an eco-friendly, organic mattress. They may even be choosing green-friendly linens to match their mattress choice. 
Most people are unaware that they can extend their ‘Go Green’ efforts to their bedrooms with organic mattresses. Therefore are surprised when their friends or family members present them with such a statement. Going green is just for energy consumption purposes, right? Not in this case. You might then wonder, “Where can you get an organic mattress?” Organic mattresses can be found and purchased from some mattress stores. They can also be found and purchased on the internet. If you’re shopping online, though, be sure to read reviews carefully, because you want top quality organic materials before you actually buy. 
Your next question might be, “What bedframe holds an organic mattress?” Of course there is the typical metal bed frame that you can use for your organic mattress. Or, if you want a nice bed that matches the décor of your room and offers optimal storage, you can go with platform beds. Platform beds can be found at many stores that sell bed frames. Or, again, you can find a great variety of platform beds on the internet. Either way, make sure that the platform bed you order and the mattress that you order match in size. Many people have made the mistake of ordering the wrong size of bed for their mattress, especially if they are not ordered at the same time.

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