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Turning 35 with NO Fear

By Kena @campchic

35 and loving it!!! This past Sunday was my 35th birthday! Whoo! Which according to a few of my married friends, 35 marks the last year before I’ll be able to conceive a child. Apparently, it’s not a great idea to have children after the age of 36 (something recommend by some doctors and  some married women….blah…blah…blah). So, that leaves me with 12 months to find a man, date him, marry him, and get pregnant. Phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Good thing I’m stepping up my game in the overachiever department. It just might be possible. All joking aside, I’m sure my sweet married friends didn’t mean any harm when they made the silly statement. I’m learning as I get older to not take things so personal, it’s a daily battle but one I’m conquering in small steps. I would rather focus on the time that has been given to me NOW. I’m 35, single, have a wonderful family, friends, and healthy positive outlook on life. I run a fashion blog that I’m in love with. I’ve been dedicated to my blog for the past 2.5 years and have met some spectacular people along the way. I have wonderful readers, that ask me daily fashion and DIY questions. I’ve met Sara Burton and Zac Posen all within a 2 week time span. I’ve traveled to Paris, Rome, Bali, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, and 25 states out of 50 U.S. states. I’ve worked for some major fashion players in the fashion industry. I witnessed a miracle last year with my father receiving a new kidney. I have an awesome relationship with my twin niece and nephew. Shoot! I think my life is pretty AH-mazing! There will ALWAYS be something I’m looking forward to and that’s a good thing, since it reminds me that I’m alive and well.

It is true that I want to be married and have children and maybe the clock is ticking away on that. While I wait for that dream to be fulfilled, I will continue to put my trust in God who has always been faithful to me. Trusting Him has never failed me. A husband and children will happen for me when its suppose to and not a minute sooner. In the mean time, I will continue to build my insanely AH-mazing collection of designer handbags! Heyyy!


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