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Turn Your Luck Around on the Links

By Eatsleepgolf @eatsleepgolf
Article written by Richard Hart
In the modern era of golf, the golfing industry has made it easier than ever before to be competitive on the links. To make the game more enjoyable for every golfer, from every walk of life is the USGA has created the handicap system. The system is great for players because there only opponent becomes themselves. The question many of us ask is how do I lower my handicap?
There are many different ways one can do this, one is going to a local golf pro and taking lessons. That is the probably the best solution any of us could do. The major drawback of that is the money it costs to see one of these instructors. If you can afford it, more power to you, I say pursue this and watch strokes get cut off the back nine.
Another powerful suggestion is upgrade your golf clubs. If you are currently using blades and your handicap is a 19, I suggest going from a blade to a cavity back. There are many inexpensive options for us golfers who wish to upgrade to a new pair of clubs, but can’t explain to our wives or significant others why spending $1000.00 on a set of irons is justifiable, for the reason of not having any forgiveness on the links is driving you nuts. Even though a man or woman’s sanity is a invaluable thing, so is the $1000.00 to stay ahead on bills.
One thing I have found myself proposing to people to lower their handicap by getting a smoother swing motion is invest in your shoe game. Shoes can make a world of difference any given day, especially from the technologies these manufacturers now offer versus ten years ago.
Remember golf is a mind game, get your mind comfortable, if you go to the store with the mentality that the new TaylorMade Rocketballz is the best driver available on the market, get your TaylorMade Rocketballz Driver. There is nothing worse than having a salesman down at your local golf store talk you into a more expensive (or inexpensive) alternative from Tour Edge or Cleveland or Titleist, than teeing off for the first time at the tee box and shanking it left.
Whatever you’re convinced of is the best choice for you, I do suggest however, is to get fitted for you clubs. Maybe you need a half inch added to the length of your shaft. You might need the lie angle adjusted on your club, those two things right there will make a world of difference in your consistency, accuracy and distance.
This is a just a short list of what you can do to improve your game. I didn’t even mention practice. Practice, practice, practice it is what makes Tiger Woods, Phil Nickleson and Rory Mcillroy so good.
Maybe one of these things can change it around for you, it might take all of them. All I can say is if you are sick and tired of getting the same thing time in, time out whenever you pick up the sticks, do something different.

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