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Turn Your Laptop into Laptops Touch with Unique Accessories

Posted on the 17 March 2013 by Aryanbd1 @thearyanbd
Have you ever wondered how normal turn the screen on your laptop into a touch screen to take advantage of the cool features of Windows 8? It seems the answer is yes, or at least going to have Portronics firm recently revealed on a device called Handsmate can make this a reality
Turn your laptop into laptops touch with unique accessories Handsmate use infrared and ultrasonic technologies, including ultrasonic pen number and a small receiver This device is designed for Windows 8 and allow all normal laptop screen touch features The features of this device include:
  Plug & Play (just plug in and play, not to set), allowing your PC to touch
  Saving than buying a laptop touch screen
  Operation by sliding, pull
  Allow Web & Mail, zoom in & zoom out pictures, play games, make annotations
  Open the software with one single touch like on a tablet
  Using supersonic technology and infrared
Users can connect Handsmate to their PC via USB port Portronics "Handmate" about $ 2 million, and announced by the company, the product will be released next week Portronics not give specific information one way your product, so maybe we will have to wait for another one shortly know is Handsmate can do anything

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