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Turkey and the Kurds: War-war, Not Jaw-jaw

By Stizzard
Turkey and the Kurds: War-war, not jaw-jaw

ON OCTOBER 13th Turkish fighter jets rained bombs on rebels from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) thought to be positioned along Turkey’s border with Iraq. The attack came after PKK fighters had opened fire on Turkish soldiers near the border post of Daglica. Until early last year this would have been routine news. But in March 2013 the PKK’s imprisoned leader, Abdullah Ocalan had said the era of armed struggle was over and that a deal with the government was within reach. Before this week, the Turkish army and the PKK duly held their fire. Are the peace talks now over?Their fate is linked to that of Kobane in Syria (see article). The city has been un-der siege for the past month by Islamic State (IS) fighters as Turkish troops along the border look on. Turkey’s refusal to let guns and fighters into Kobane over the border crossing, because it is run by the PKK’s Syrian arm, the Democratic Unity Party (PYD), has ignited Kurdish fury. On October 7th thousands of young Kurds unleashed riots across the mainly Kurdish south-east of Turkey that left at least 34 people dead. Mr Ocalan promptly sent orders through the PKK’s political arm, the People’s Democracy Party,…

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