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Tuneage Tuesday 5/15 - Beautiful Things by Gungor

By Doulalovelou

Tuneage Tuesday 5/15 - Beautiful Things by Gungor If you haven't heard Gungor yet, you are seriously missing out. And if you've never heard this song before, you need to stop, collaborate and listen before moving on to reading what I have to say about it. 

Amazing, right? 
This song gets me every dang time and it seriously makes me ache for the days when I played the cello. I'm even tempted to start playing again, just so I could belt out that chorus with a cello accompaniment. 
I had the opportunity to see Gungor play live at Catalyst West Coast in April & seeing them live is an experience in itself. These aren't just people who play music, these are people that worship God with their creativity, their passion, their love for blending sounds, and their uniqueness. In my heart, Gungor has changed the face and future of worship music. 
Seeing them live was an incredibly powerful experience and I found myself falling to my knees as the bridge rang out...
"You make me new. You are making me new."
I can't read, sing, or listen to those words without thinking about Christ hanging on the cross, beaten and bloodied for the sake of redeeming me, of redeeming you. He makes all things new.
How has God been revealing newness to you lately? What areas of your life is He redeeming?

And He who sits on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new." 
-Revelation 21:5

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