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Tuna Truth

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

Tuna Conservation:  The Truth About Tuna

Tuna Truth
“Most people I know, including myself, have found some environmental comfort in buying dolphin friendly tuna,  but, I’m sorry to say, the dolphin friendly symbol has become obsolete. It is now an environmental symbol companies use to hide behind while they continue to fish irresponsibly. The regulation on the allocation of the symbol is long out-dated and in desperate need of review. Overall, it means very little.

“When buying your tuna, please consider how the method of fishing used and whether the populations are sustainable because the dolphin friendly hype is a huge distraction for these incredibly important issues. Although the dolphin friendly symbol may mean dolphin friendly nets, it does not mean responsible, sustainable fishing.

“Many companies now use FAD fishing, which is explained in the video below. Not only is it exploiting unsustainable tuna populations, but carelessly resulting in the death of manta rays, sharks, endangered turtles AND dolphins.

“Next time you buy tuna, please look for the symbol that confirms it was line caught and help to maintain our tuna populations (which by the way, don’t even always inhabit the same waters as dolphins, yet you’ll still find that symbol on the tin). We all enjoy the food our planet provides, so lets show it a little respect.

Original story by Joanne Vere, Conservation Journal

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