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Tuesday Tips #2

By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy
So I've decided to bring Tuesday Tips to my blog as a regular post! I can't promise I'll do it every tuesday since I'm very busy at the moment, but I'll definitely try! This weeks Tuesday Tips show my favorite Scandinavian blogs, since they inspire my style the absolute most.Tuesday Tips #2
Hanna StefanssonThis is actually one of my newly discovered favorites. Hanna has only been blogging on the Swedish Metro Mode website for three months now, but it's already obvious that it won't be long before we all know her. She shares her edgy outfits as well as bits and pieces of her Swedish life, in which I love to have a peek. Definitely keeping an eye on this one!
Tuesday Tips #2Victoria Tornegren
If you're a fan, of course you know Victoria Tornegren. She's almost a Lookbook legend! Victoria rocks black like no other. She rarely wears colors, but styles her blacks, whites and denim as if they were meant to be worn like she does. I so wish I had the ability to look effortless chic in black, every day. She's one of my favorite bloggers!
Tuesday Tips #2Fashion Aesthetics
Michelle Nielsen from Denmark is a less well known blogger, but nonetheless also of great inspiration to me. She wears a lot of black as well, but in a very different way. Her outfits are very feminine, with lots of layers and interesting details. And mostly very affordable!
A gem yet to be discovered, if you ask me.
Tuesday Tips #2Style by Kling
A bit obvious, but of course Scandinavia's most famous blogger Elin Kling, from Sweden, should be on this list. You know you've made it as a blogger when you have your own clothing line for the Swedish H&M. As the first blogger ever. And not to forget, her Nowhere line at What she wears almost immediately becomes a trend. Tye-dye making a comeback? It probably is, since Elin was wearing it two weeks ago (and I've already seen copies on multiple blogs!). Somehow she can make wearing a cream jumper on top of cream jeans a huge trend. Elin, what's your secret?
Tuesday Tips #2Blame it on FashionBlame it on Fashion is a blog by Marie Hindkaer Andersen, who dresses more mature than the bloggers named above, but also very feminine and, I probably don't even have to say this word by now anymore, minimalistic. It often amazes me how Scandinavian people can wear the most simple things, and make them look like the most stylish outfit ever. We Dutchies have a lot to learn. Marie also shares quite some shopping posts by the way!
Tuesday Tips #2Mariannan
Marianna's blog, from Finland, is really appealing to me because what she's wearing is so real. If it's cold, she wears coats and scarfs. While we bloggers just suck up the frost sometimes, posing in just a jumper, she actually shoots what she's wearing. Even Uggs. She posts a lot of personal stuff as well! Her style is very girly cute, but not in a barbie pink way. Just see for yourself.
Tuesday Tips #2Columbine Smille
Another one that might be a bit obvious, but I just loooove the style of Columbine from Sweden. It kind of shows she works together with Elin Kling, but nonetheless that girly little pretty face has a style of her own. Like above, showing the most perfect look with those much desired Isabel Marant jeans. Boy do I wish I had the ability to style track pants the way she does..
That's it for now, but of course there are so many more Scandinavian bloggers with an amazing style. Sometimes I wish I was Scandinavian, just because it just seems like they have a natural ability to dress minimalistic yet so interesting. It seems to come natural, and yes, I envy that. But I thank them very much for having a blog and giving me a chance to be inspired. Which I am.
I might do another 'Scandinavian Bloggers' post in the future, showing you a bit more unknown bloggers, but for now I have to run. Busy, busy!

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