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Tuesday Tip: Try It On!

By Janehspark

Tuesday Tip:  Try it on!

Tuesday Tip:  Every time you go shopping, try on one thing that you’re convinced is all wrong for you.  I promise it’s life changing.

I recently had 15 minutes to shop recently at a BCBG in San Francisco.  The sales associate brought me this dress (left), which looked like a shapeless, ridiculously skinny sock on the hanger.

But she insisted, and I couldn’t shake my inner Stacy and Clinton, reminding me that you have to dresses to see how they actually hang on a real body.  And wow.  The ruchee-ing on the dress is better for my belly than all the pilates in the world.  And I had totally missed the tulip detail on the hem.

And even when the experiment doesn’t lead to a happy purchase, it can lead to some horizon expanding dressing room fun.

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