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Tuesday Must-Haves for the Bride!

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

Lace is a timeless fabric. It represents the classic ideals of a woman—feminine, soft, and romantic. It also happens to be my favorite type of material. And out of it comes the ideal bridal concoction: lace + sweetheart necklace = the perfect, dream wedding dress.

The bride below looks absolutely breathtaking. The dress is so simple and sweet. She eludes natural beauty at its finest and is wearing the perfect choice of jewelry. She could’ve added a splash of color here and there, but her decision to stick with a more traditional style works perfectly here.

Sometimes, the simple pieces can make the biggest entrance, especially if it’s your big day. Instead of having jewelry overpower your beauty, ensure that the earrings and bracelets supplement your overall glam. I would recommend the shimmering crystal drop earrings for an updo. Because of her narrow face and V-neckline, pear shaped earrings work the best to bring out her beautiful figure. If you want to add a little sparkle to your look, I would choose the vintage silver lace stretch bracelet in lieu of the pearls. Its filigree motif still gives you a vintage, yet kind and gentle aura.

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It’s YOUR wedding so remember to make it your own! Sprinkle a little touch of the past and of the future onto your outfit. That way, you can forever cherish the steps you took to draw closer to your beloved.

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