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By Stfallen @stfallen

Here are some verses of mine that I’ve written for my solo rap project as well as my band Rap This, Ko?, plus, my very first appearance in a music video, rapping, half lotus, on the boardroom table at work.

I tried to encapsulate the little I have learned from advertising into this verse.

The concept for the above was based on the line “I was the pilot in that airplane”, referring to the UFO incident in Iran, MH377 and MH17. The verse you heard is the first verse that deals with the Iranian UFO encounter.

This song has no particular focus, except for the challenge to write raps to trap beats. It includes a surprise vocal “sample” from a beloved 90’s track.

If you listen closely, the last notes of Non Disclosure and the intro to this song seem to flow quite well. This song is written around the concept of reverse causality: the future determines the present. I’m taking cues from Deleuze and Guattari, dropping an obscure reference to Gertrude Stein while I’m at it.

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