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Posted on the 31 May 2016 by Master Adviser - Share Ideas : @masteradviser Review - Earn Money Being Social


We generally do not earn anything from Facebook, google, twitter or some other social networks. We spend lot's of time being social by sharing, liking, commenting, but for no return. Now the turn has changed. is a social network that pays users from the revenue generated from their updates. So users can monetize their posts and contents here.

Join this fastest growing social network You will need a reference (use mine: to sign up

Once you have good friends and followers you will start earn money from this social networking website which you can donate to various charitable cause. You will earn on sharing, liking, commenting, receiving likes, shares, etc. Creating authentic content, sharing with true friends and liking or commenting selectively are great ways to earn your fair share of revenue. But portion of money may not attract you and it's penny rewards but if you think to contribute to any charity which you are probably unable to help in real life, but you wish always. They ( share upto 90% of their income to the users though. But if you have your own group (they approve creating groups manually) and has a good user base then your earning potential will be high as you will also get portion of a revenue generated from members postings. Once your account reach $10 you can also transfer earnings to your PayPal account. But the fact is if you are looking for livings on this, you need to forget and try doing something serious in life.
Its popularity is growing every day though and gained good user base in quick times. Every popular persons including superstars from movies and sports are creating their profile here so you can join them.

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