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Truthing Chris Dorner- Playing the Skeptic

By Therealmcteag @therealmcteag

Was he a rogue cop or a Robin Hood? Was he a man broken by society or a man who simply hated a society he felt put him at a disadvantage and failed to live up to his ideals, as

dorner tatt

perhaps the most disturbing Dorner Image of all. Is this man worthy of any respect or adulation?

utopian or realistic as they may have been? Did he aspire to his several distinguished accomplishments, such as achieving Officer Rank in the United States Navy, because he loved the adulation society has lauded, justifiably, on these figures? Or was Chris Dorner merely looking for more control of the world around him and simply a possessive boyfriend to his own distorted view of reality

One disturbing dimension of the Chris “Django UnBadged’ Dorner story is a heroic view some people absolutely have for him. From tribute tattoos to numerous facebook groups, some of which have about 5 thousand members.

In short, was this a man off the reservation, broken because he attempted to be honorable in a dishonorable world? Or was he simply a bitter man who was justifiably exposed as unworthy to carry a badge?

Certainly any personal sleight was viewed with deep and abiding anger that would not dissipate as it does for most people.  I assert that Dorner was exhibiting OCD in his need for control and respect.

I don’t think anyone has all the answers yet but one thing about Chris Dorner we can be sure of is he made an impression on society and he left the world with more questions than answers.  Some will make wild conspiracy theories and others will glorify him. I will play the skeptic.

My theory of Chris Dorner is he was a de facto domestic terrorist and, more specifically, a disgruntled workplace spree killer.

Some aspects of Dorner’s behavior showed compassionate. He did not kill wantonly; he was specifically hunting and killing former colleagues.  He was described as ‘calm and professional,’ by those whom he carjacked and kidnapped. It would have been far easier to kill these people and made him more a terrorist.

While the behavior of Chris Dorner is paradoxical he is still a Domestic Terrorist by virtue of his grudge against the police. He compares favorably with a view of the Unabomber as a domestic terrorist in that he also targeted very specific people, which also included people with whom he was once a colleague.

The paradox is where the ‘McVey Factor’ figures in. Timothy McVey is the prototypical domestic terrorist. He act was heinous and, though he targeted it intentionally, he inadvertently concentrated the destruction on the day care center and killed dozens of children under age twelve.  Was Dorner a more precise McVey? Was he simply channeling the extreme violence more efficiently? I would say the answer to this is a resounding YES.

By virtue of the Unabomber and Timothy McVey I would say that we can only consider (the late?) Chris Dorner a Domestic Terrorist with overtones of disgruntled workplace shooter.

Operating Under this theory I will try to apply scientific methods of sociology and the social sciences as well as psychiatric analysis to examine any and all Dorner Truthing. If I cannot debunk something I will admit it. I will be fair and apply police science as well examining the motives and behavior of Dorner.

I will also focus on the COMPLETELY BOTCHED MANHUNT where they didn’t even bother to check the house ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE Multi-Agency Police/Federal  MANHUNT HEAD QUARTERS where Dorner was actually hiding out, either brazenly or ineptly? Was he a lion stalking gazelles at the oasis and considering an later abandoned Asymetrical Warfare plot? His will to live and continue his rampage was always at the heart of his motivations. He did not go out easily. It was an ending worthy of ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid‘ and only semi suicidal.

I am openly skeptical of a Dorner suicide unless he was dying and feared capture. If he thought he could kill even one more cop he would have held off any alleged suicide.

I dislike the suicide theory also because it conveniently paints him a coward while still being wildly unsubstantiated.

Intentional Fire Theory- There seems little doubt an already sloppy law enforcement effort went from bad to worse in just seconds. Police made the emtional decision that no more of them will die to take Dorner alive. This is justifiable considering how dangerous he was. The evidence lay dead in the snow amongst them.  The Dorner cabin WAS certainly torched, either by intent or with complete disregard for the consequences.

Whats your Dorner theory? Comments are Enabled!

_ In a curious aside I believe the Fish and Game Police are also the ones who caught the Manson Family. More on all of this to follow soon.

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