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Trump & Sessions Have Painted Themselves Into A Corner

Posted on the 18 June 2018 by Jobsanger
Trump & Sessions Have Painted Themselves Into A Corner Trump & Sessions Have Painted Themselves Into A Corner (These caricatures of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are by DonkeyHotey.)
One of Donald Trump's biggest promises to his xenophobic base was to build a war between the United States and Mexico. But he has been unable to get Congress to fund the unneeded $25 billion dollar wall.
So Trump decided to change U.S. policy. He told Attorney General Sessions to start separating children from their parents at the border -- for both economic immigrants and asylum-seeking refugees. And Sessions happily complied. In effect, he is now holding these children as hostages to force Congress to give him his wall. And many of those children he is abusing are now being kept in a tent camp in the Texas desert under 100 degree temperatures (making his actions even more inhumane than it already was).
But Trump and Sessions miscalculated. They vastly underestimated the anger that ripping children away from their parents would create among the American public.
Trump has tried to mollify the public anger by claiming he is just following the law -- a law passed by Democrats. But that lie has been exposed by the media across the country (except for Fox News). There is no such law -- passed by Democrats or anyone else. If there was, past presidents would have had to separate children from parents, but none of them did. The barbaric action is not by law, but is a policy initiated by the Trump administration.
Sessions also lied about just following the law, and tried to hide behind religion by quoting the Bible. That outraged many religious leaders (including evangelicals). They made it clear that the Bible could not be used to justify the Trump administrations abuse of children.
By trying to blame Democrats for a nonexistent law and claiming to have god's support for their action, Trump and Sessions have waited themselves into a corner. They have put themselves between a rock and a hard place.
If they continue the horrific policy of separating children from their parents, they run the real risk of turning a November blue wave into a blue tsunami.
If they stop the policy, it would be an admission that they have been lying to the American people.
Trump (and his racist lackey) have done many horrible things since being sworn into office, but this abuse of children may be the worst -- the stupidest and most immoral.

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