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Trump's Massive Tulsa Rally Was A Massive Failure

Posted on the 21 June 2020 by Jobsanger
Trump's Massive Tulsa Rally Was A Massive Failure
Trump's Massive Tulsa Rally Was A Massive Failure
Donald Trump needed to get his re-election campaign back on track after recent polls showed his trailing Joe Biden by double-digits. So he planned a huge rally in a very red state -- Oklahoma. He would hold that rally in Tulsa on June 19th. But there was a huge backlash about him holding a rally on Juneteenth -- especially in Tulsa (the scene of one of the bloodiest massacres of Black Americans in this country's history.
He gave in, and moved the rally date to June 20th. And his people advertised the rally big time. And they (and Trump) bragged that a million tickets had been requested to get into the rally being held in a 19,000 seat stadium. They predicted that 100,000 people at a minimum would show up. They built a stage and massive screen outside the stadium, where the overflow crowd could see Trump's speech and enjoy some entertainment.
They were set for a massive showing of support for Trump's re-election.
There was only one problem. That massive number of people didn't show up. There was no overflow crowd, and they didn't even draw enough of a crowd to fill the 19,000 seat stadium. Note the pictures above of inside the stadium (top) and outside (bottom).
Trump had to have been humiliated. His campaign kick-off rally was as big a failure as his recent showing in the polls. His campaign is NOT off to a good start.

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