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Trump’s Destructive Kremlin Mission- Being Himself

By Therealmcteag @therealmcteag

If there ever was a man so dumb and vain he could be an unwitting traitor its Donald Trump. At the same time no more dishonest a person that Trump has ever walked this earth. Throw in that the president is socially awkward on his best day and outright inappropriate half the time.

Trump’s Destructive Kremlin Mission- Being Himself

Be it tossing paper towels to hurricane survivors or lying right to the Parkland survivors; it’s a triumph for Putin and Russia every time the Flag-Hugger-In-Chief does something disgraceful.

Trashing a dead American War Hero isn’t any kind of new trick for Trump, who lied to stay out of the military. The target is new though. The only reason it took this long is that John McCain didn’t die til about 6 months ago.

This assertion has something going for it, that is – If the Kremlin could pick the United States president they would want someone just like Donald Trump. Belligerent, bloviating, thin-skinned, brittle and endlessly venting about imaginary grievances. He’s never graceful and frequently highly inappropriate.  If you wanted to destroy the United States putting a fat, stupid version of Richard Nixon in charge would be a great way to start.

From a Hitler-like speech that traumatized thousands of Boy Scouts, to simply blowing off a World War One Centennial Ceremony attended by the leaders of all other participants because of a little rain in Paris.                               

Trump’s Destructive Kremlin Mission- Being Himself

It’s not an unbroken series of coincidences. Trump is a disgraceful man. Putin type-cast him as a douchebag and, I think, manufactured his election victory. And Trump coordinates with Putin. He watches Russia TV and follows all th wrong people on Twitter. He finds enough opportunities to meet, sans translator and accountability free, with Putin to stay well-instructed.  It’s helpful but not vital. He’s perfect for the role of Destructively Incompetent President right out of the box.

He pays cash for sex and so do his friends. He talks just like Hitler far too often and gets off at hate fests as well. Who can forget his praise of an Anti-Semitic, anti-Black Confederate torchlight parade and called them “Very fine people”?

Armed with zero foreknowledge and zero preparation when engaging on any topic, the president’s a quote machine of America-hating, divisive comments. Making  the White House a factory of Filthy Lies is damage that won’t just ‘buff right out.’ This is in fact his mission. To damage the office of president and the credibility of the United States above all other things all the time is Trump’s Kremlin Mission and he was Born to Do It. The perfect combination of traits including be exceedingly wealthy while still needing like a year-long payment plan in 300 thousand dollars in bribes that if he had just simply handed over to Stormy Daniels and others he’d have about half as many problems right now. It’s only that scandal alone that has ex Trump “Fixer” and criminal collaborator Michael Cohen staring down a three-year bid.

It would seem to show a complete lack of vision and a slavish addiction to hoarding cash alone that had Trump shafting his own lawyer and forcing Cohen into committing easy to trace (and easy to prosecute) bank fraud. It would seem like a billionaire would have that kind of money lying around. It doesn’t add up.

Trump is probably taking instruction from the Kremlin, but in many ways he doesn’t need to. His first instincts are always in line with what the serves the Kremlin best. So he starts his days by rage tweeting and then loafing around until the prime time Fox opinion entertainment shows he gets his information from come on, all the while carefully preserving his ignorance in an active way.


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