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Trump Habitually & Illegally Tears Up Presidential Papers

Posted on the 12 June 2018 by Jobsanger
Trump Habitually & Illegally Tears Up Presidential Papers (Photo of Trump tossing away a "presidential paper" is by Mary Schwalm / Getty Images.)
All presidential papers are supposed to be preserved. They are placed in the National Archives (and sometimes moved later to a presidential library). This is not something to be done at the discretion of a president -- it is a federal law.
But it's a law that Donald Trump regularly breaks. He has a habit of tearing up documents when he is finished with them, and tossing them on the floor or into the trash. I don't know whether Trump is ignorant of the law (surely someone has told him) or just doesn't care. I suspect it is the latter, since he seems to think he is above the law.
The following is part of an excellent article by Annie Karni at Politico.com:
Solomon Lartey spent the first five months of the Trump administration working in the Old Executive Office Building, standing over a desk with scraps of paper spread out in front of him.
Lartey, who earned an annual salary of $65,969 as a records management analyst, was a career government official with close to 30 years under his belt. But he had never seen anything like this in any previous administration he had worked for. He had never had to tape the president’s papers back together again.
Armed with rolls of clear Scotch tape, Lartey and his colleagues would sift through large piles of shredded paper and put them back together, he said, “like a jigsaw puzzle.” Sometimes the papers would just be split down the middle, but other times they would be torn into pieces so small they looked like confetti.
It was a painstaking process that was the result of a clash between legal requirements to preserve White House records and President Donald Trump’s odd and enduring habit of ripping up papers when he’s done with them — what some people described as his unofficial “filing system.”
Under the Presidential Records Act, the White House must preserve all memos, letters, emails and papers that the president touches, sending them to the National Archives for safekeeping as historical records.
But White House aides realized early on that they were unable to stop Trump from ripping up paper after he was done with it and throwing it in the trash or on the floor, according to people familiar with the practice. Instead, they chose to clean it up for him, in order to make sure that the president wasn’t violating the law.
Staffers had the fragments of paper collected from the Oval Office as well as the private residence and send it over to records management across the street from the White House for Lartey and his colleagues to reassemble.
“We got Scotch tape, the clear kind,” Lartey recalled in an interview. “You found pieces and taped them back together and then you gave it back to the supervisor.” The restored papers would then be sent to the National Archives to be properly filed away. . . .
Lartey did not work alone. He said his entire department was dedicated to the task of taping paper back together in the opening months of the Trump administration.

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