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Trump Domain Registrations Last 48 Hrs: VP Guesses, Support & Insults; Stupid & Funny

Posted on the 05 May 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

Since Donald Trump became the Presumptive Nominee of the Republican Party on Tuesday Night there have been over 150 domain registrations about his campaign including Vice President predictions, some supportive of Trump, other registrations are against Trump, some are pretty funny or down right insulting depending on your views.

Some domain reflect that not everyone who hates Trump also loves Hillary either.

Mr. Trump already owns and has been using the domain names and since he started his campaign about a year ago.

“Trump” has been on Verisign’s monthly trending keyword report for the past three months, meaning that many who sort recent registrations are a little late to the party.

We should also point out that over the years Mr. Trump or one of his company’s filed 55 UDRP to gain control domain names and only lost one.

We will also note that most of these domain names were registered under privacy with Godaddy being registrar of choice for most of the registrations.

With that said here are some the “gems” registered in the last 48 hours

Some of the domain names would seem to be registered by those not supporting Mr. Trump: (already for sale on ebay for $995)

If you don’t like Donald Trump, you may like the

Yup someone went there:

Not sure where these people stand:

But I Guess we know where this person stands:

As well as this registrant

Those trying to pick tickets include:

Those that don’t seems to like Trump or Clinton

And maybe someone that see’s it as a ticket:

These domain that indicate the registrants don’t know much about the election process:

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