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True Blood Tuesday: Soul of Fire

By Thefriskyvirgin

Season 4, episode 11
Moon Goddess Emporium Showdown:
Sookie tries to appeal to Marnie, telling her Bill and the vampires will blow the place up. Marnie, however, refuses to fold, much to the discontentment of her fellow witches. When the red-headed-Willow-wannabe witch tried to leave, Marnie sent an ancient dagger-thing flying into her stomach.  Friendly.
This little maneuver didn’t sit well with Antonia, who came out to play, or, in the words of Lafayette, “Marnie just puked the bitch out.” Unfortunately, Marnie decides to bind Antonia to herself, sucking her back in like a vacuum.
Okay, the vamps are taking aim…they’re about to fire…and in runs Jason.  He’s so the super-savior-man this season.  Effing Sookie,” seems to be the quote of the day with Bill, Eric, and Pam upon finding out she is in the building with the witches. Jason so does not appreciate their frustration towards Sookie and reminds them of how much his sister has sacrificed for each of them. 
Guilt-ridden, Bill aborts the blow-’em-up plan.  Pam: “Holy sh*^, gentlemen.  Do not tell me you’d put our entire species at risk for a gash in a sundress.  Bill tells her they have to find another way.  Jason tosses his pocket knife at the barrier to reveal Marnie’s protection spell. 
After shooting some “I hate you” looks Jason’s way, Jess walks off with Jason right on her heels.  Jason admits feeling guilty…again.  Jess weakly tries to convince him he’s the furthest thing from her mind and Jason weakly tries to convince her that’s a good thing.
Ooh—in flies Antonia’s bewitched vampires to attack our vamps!!!
Alcide, Sam, & Luna: Al and Sam try to force the werewolf they’ve been beating up on to tell them where Marcus is hiding.  Luna storms in, demanding to know where Marcus is because he has apparently taken Emma. Sam tries to calm her down and tells her they’ll find him.  It’s then Luna learns about Sam’s brother, much to her horror.
Marcus, Debbie, & Emma: Marcus is working his smarmy charm on Debbie, but she is resisting, proclaiming her love for Al.  In walks Emma, wanting to talk to her mommy.  Marcus sends her off to color and continues his not-so-seductive moves.  Ugh. Debbie’s letting him hold her in his arms…ON Al’s bed.    Jesus, Lafayette, Marnie, Sookie, Tara, & witches, Part I: Jesus claims to find a pulse on Willow-wannabe and insists on trying to save her.  Marnie tells him to take what he needs from the shelves--she appears somewhat remorseful for her actions, insisting it was self-defense.  When Lafayette and Jesus carry her back, we learn she’s really dead.  Jesus wants to perform some seriously ugly magic to force Antonia out of Marnie’s body. 
Meanwhile, Holly and Sookie try to work on Marnie’s emotions, telling her how kind and loving she really is.  Marnie gets fussy and says she was a doormat.  Time to shift gears, girls. So, Sookie tries to relate to being a misunderstood outsider.  It seems to work.  They implore her to end this war—she has all the power. 
Andy & Random Fairy, Part I: Okay, so Andy’s walking home, talking to himself. He seems a little lost. Um, incoming! It’s a big ball of light flying in and then floating in front of Andy. And it’s a fairy.  Random.  She warns him to stay away, but Andy goes all protective-cop-man and inches closer.  Yep, she shot him with her fairy power.
Note: Where did this come from? Really feels out of place.
Alcide, Sam, & Luna: Emma wisely calls her mom from Al’s home phone and Al immediately recognizes the number. Looks like Marcus has a storm of shifter and big, sexy werewolf coming for him.
Bill, Eric, Jessica, & Pam: Bewitched vamps? All handled, but one.  Bill tries to get through to the female Louisiana sheriff, but she’s under Marnie’s complete control.  Before dealing with her, Pam moves in and takes the vintage Cartier choker off her neck. Bill then whips the vamp around, pins her face-down to the ground, and calls for Antonia. 
Note: Totally would have done the same thing as Pam.  Even in the heat of battle, the girl doesn’t let a fashion accessory go to waste.    Marnie, Sookie, Bill, Eric, Jessica, & Pam: Marnie agrees with Sookie and Holly—it’s time to negotiate.  Way to go, girls!!! She asks Sookie to join her, since “the vampires seem to like” her.  They go outside and Marnie calls on the bewitched vamp to attack Bill, causing him to toss her into the protective barrier.  She burns and explodes.  The barrier is the sun harnessed, fatal to any vampire who attempts to pass through. 
Bill and Eric demand Sookie’s release, to which Marnie agrees…in exchange for their lives. With no hesitation, Bill and Eric agree.  As they prepare to die by wooden bullets, Sookie cries for her two loves. 
But Pam won’t lose Eric again.  She speeds to the van, grabs a rocket launcher-thing, and shoots it at the barrier, directly defying her maker, who forbad her just before she pulled the trigger. Holy. The thing backfired on Bill, Eric, Pam, Jason, and Jessica!!!
Note: Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by Eric and Bill agreeing to basically commit vampire suicide for Sookie, but I am.  It seemed…odd.  Anyone agree?
Sam, Alcide, Luna, Debbie, & Emma: Luna takes Emma outside while Al and Sam slip upstairs.  Al and Sam storm in: Debbie in lingerie, while in Al's bedroom with Marcus, should mean an automatic trip to Dumpedville.  Sam gets ready to beat the crap out of Marcus and when Debbie tries to help her pack-leader, Al pushes her backwards onto the bed with ease. Dump her, Al!
Sookie, Holly, Tara, Jesus, Lafayette, Marnie, & witches, Part II:  Well, Pam’s act of loyalty has made Marnie resolute in never negotiating with vampires.  Meanwhile, Jesus is working his dark magic with Lafayette, using the dead Willow-wannabe as a vessel for Antonia.  He warns Lafayette that it’s about to get very, very spooky.  Demon-face-Jesus is on deck!  Jesus pulls the dagger from her body and uses her blood to mark his skin…ew…and he just licked the blood off his finger. 
Pam & Eric: Eric is not happy.  Even though Pam’s actions came from the heart—well, her non-beating heart—Eric was more concerned with the fact that she could have killed Sookie.     Jessica & Jason: Bill is okay, but Jason is in bad shape.  His face is severely burned and he can’t see.  No worries, though, since Jess is right there to feed him her blood. Aww, she looks terribly distraught.
Andy & Random Fairy, Part II:  Well, she’s sitting on top of him and apologizing for hurting him—he smelled like a vampire.  She knows he has vampire blood in him.  My, this is one amorous fairy.  Before they can make love, she must know she can trust him. So, she asks him to protect her and needs him to swear to the light (i.e. her light-up, E.T. finger).  He swears to keep her safe and they touch fingers…before they touch other parts. 
Note: One thing that has bothered me all season has been the sudden drop of the evil fairy storyline.  I can’t think it was simply a way to fast-forward time in Bon Temps.  Surely they wouldn’t have introduced us to fairyland if it didn’t mean something to the series.  Perhaps now we have our answer. Could next year be a vampire-fairy bloodbath?  And what will this little mating ritual mean for Andy? Will a fairy sleeping with a human who has vampire blood in his veins mean something?
Alcide, Sam, Marcus, & Debbie: I was right, Sam could take Marcus.  Oh, shut up Debbie! She’s busy yelling for Sam to get off of him (Al’s holding her back). Where Sam could have killed him, he instead let him go, telling him he’s small and weak.  Sam, you’re such a good guy. Oh! Watch out, Sam!!! Marcus just went all glow-eyed, jumped, grabbed the gun, and…oooh, Alcide takes him down and breaks his neck with one swift punch, saving Sam’s life. 
Alcide, you are so hot, even when angry.  “I’ll share flesh with you no longer.” Those would be the parting words for his now hysterical ex-girlfriend.
Note: I’m so glad Al sent her straight to Dumpedville. I can think of nothing more appropriate.  Still, I have a feeling she’s going to be trouble for Al next season--she’s annoying like that.
Marnie, Jesus, Lafayette, Tara, Holly, Sookie, & witches, Part III: Marnie leans over the puddle of blood from killing Willow-wannabe.  She asks it to show her the present—it shows her the angry vampires and one hurt Jason.  Marnie smiles triumphantly.  She then asks for it to show her the future—it shows her herself, shot in the head.  Marnie quickly tries to gather the unwilling witches into a circle, thinking the vampires are going to kill them all.  One by one, they join the circle, including Sookie. 
Jessica & Jason: Jason is quickly healing and he’s speaking all sweetly to Jess…they might kiss…NO! Something’s happening.  Jessica, Eric, Bill, and Pam have sprouted fangs and are walking like they’re being pulled towards the sun-harnessed barrier!!!!!!! NO!!!!!  Jason’s trying to pull Jess back.
Moon Goddess Madness:
Sookie can hear Jason’s thoughts and knows what’s happening. Jason begs Sookie to stop this.  Insert fairy power!!!! Yes! She broke the spell—our vampires are fine! Though Sookie is safe, Eric banishes an apologetic Pam from the scene.  She leaves, visibly upset. 
Marnie is ticked at Sookie.  She magically pushes the other witches away and traps Sookie within a ring of fire.  Meanwhile, Jesus is working as fast as he can, but Sookie is in some kind of mental torment.  Bill and Eric hear her screams and know she is afraid—they are desperate to get to her. 
Jesus starts speaking in his demon-voice, trying to force Antonia out.  Here’s the demon face-Jesus! Once his hands and arms burst into flames, Antonia is able to break free from Marnie.  The ring of fire around Sookie disappears and the protective barrier melts away. 
Oh, yeah, it’s vampire time!!!  In they go!!! The stupid witch-dude shields Marnie, telling Eric and Bill that they’ll have to go through him.  Yeah, like that’s a threat.  Eric stormed forward, ripped out his heart, and started sucking on it in front of Marnie.  Our vamps are cocky now, folks. 
Marnie shouts, “No one lives forever! Not even you!” Maybe not, but Bill sure as hell made sure your days are done—he pelted her with bullets, the last going straight between her eyes.
Sam, Luna, & Emma: Sam emerges from Al’s house and has to tell Luna and Emma that Marcus didn’t make it.  Emma runs and hugs Sam, then asks about her daddy.  We don’t see him tell them, but Luna understood as she held her daughter close. 
Andy & Arlene: Finally making it home, Andy begins to tell Arlene about the woman who “jumped out of a ball of light.” He proceeded to tell her about Random Fairy’s light-up finger and their sexual romp; apparently, Maurella (Random Fairy’s name) jumped back in the ball of light and left after making love.  Arlene thinks the V has poisoned Andy’s mind.  In other words, she doesn’t believe a word he’s telling her.
Back at Moon Goddess:
Jesus is sad for having caused Marnie’s death, but knew he had no choice.  Meanwhile, Sookie is busy exchanging looks, first with Bill, then Eric, once again highlighting her love for them both. 
Jessica and Jason also share a tender moment.  He thanked her for saving his life.  Awww, he just said “Even without your blood in me, you are all I think about. What the hell am I supposed to do now?” Jess simply said, “Wish I knew.”
Lafayette’s house:
Lafayette & Jesus: In bed after one soul-stirring day, Jesus is conflicted about causing Marnie’s death.  Lafayette reassures him she had it coming and what he did tonight was save lives.  With his eyes red-rimmed, maybe feeling slightly better, Jesus falls asleep.  Lafayette rolls onto his back to visit slumber land.  All is well…or not…oh holy no!!! Marnie’s spirit is hovering over Lafayette’s body!!! Damn. She just took a dive into his mouth.  Guess who’s Marnie, now? 
The season finale takes place next week. And guess what? It’s Halloween in Bon Temp. Oh, this is gonna be good.

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