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True Blood Tuesday: Me and the Devil

By Thefriskyvirgin
Season 4, episode 5.
Tommy, Sam, & Ick Family: Wow. Well, two of my least favorite characters were killed off in the first couple of minutes.  Tommy bludgeoned Joe Lee to death and then accidentally struck his mom, killing her instantly.  Sam decides to help Tommy hide the bodies of their parents. While tossing their bodies into a swamp, Tommy says he’s going to hell.  Sam assures him he won’t go to hell if the killing was in self-defense or in the course of war. He then confesses his crimes to Tommy (the time he killed those two scam artists for stealing his money).  I guess it was a bonding moment for them.  I’m still not convinced it will make Tommy any less annoying. 
Note: Now, would the concept of Skinwalkers apply to Tommy and his mom??
Arlene & Terry: Reverend Daniels and his new wife, Tara’s mom, arrive at Arlene and Terry’s house to pull a little “this house is clean” Poltergeist moment.  Given their comical technique, I’m thinking it didn’t work.  Arlene and Terry later share an intimate moment…while some matches light off on their own. Yeah, it didn’t work.
Jessica, Hoyt, & Jason: After getting Jason to their house, Hoyt is appreciative to Jess for saving his best friend, to which she replies, “It’s all in the wrist.” Vampire humor—gotta love it.  Jess was acting really odd and a bit distant.  Glamour guilt, maybe?  Now, we all know V blood creates sexual fantasies, but this one has got to take number one on the weirdness scale.  Jason’s dream had Jess doing a little, ahem, riding, while calling Hoyt’s name over and over. Now, I think Jess ends up morphing into Hoyt in his dream, and it was Hoyt who kept going on top of Jason.  I’m a little confused.  As Jason said when he woke up, “Oh my gravy.”
Tara, Lafayette, Jesus, and Marnie: Marnie is getting on my nerves.  Tara, Lafayette, and Jesus have had it with Marnie and the spirit witch-goddess possessing her.  Lafayette agrees to go with Jesus to see his grandfather. We won’t mention the flashback goat scene.  Tara decides to go back to New Orleans and calls her girlfriend.  Uh-oh.  Tara’s girlfriend is ticked—she found letters with the name “Tara” on them. Yikes. It’s time to come clean, Tara.
Sookie & Eric, Part I: Godric!!!! Um…Godric?  He's so not the gentle, caring Godric we remember from Season 2. Godric tells Eric he’s a creature of death, not love, and convinces him to drink from Sookie.  Ah! It’s a dream. Phew! Just as an aside…why can’t Eric sleep in the nude?  Awww, Eric went to Sookie for comfort from his bad dream.  Cuteness!  More awws as Eric rests his teary little head on her lap and Sookie strokes his hair.  He asks to sleep in her bed until dawn, to which she agrees.  He takes her hand in his, wraps her arm around him, and they spoon. One, two, three…Awwwww!
Bill & Portia: Ew! Portia is still hot for her great granddaddy!!! Okay, that’s not right. She just planted a big kiss on Bill and rattled off a ton of laws justifying their sexual relationship.  Yuck!  Darlin’, have some respect for yourself!!! Well, clearly she’s not giving up, so Bill had to glamour her away by replacing her sexual attraction to him with straight up fear. That worked.
Bill & Pam, Part I: “You eff with my face, it’s time to die.” Even with a rotting face, Pam rocks. Bill tells her his hands are tied because Marnie is human and it’s against AVL policy to kill humans.
Sookie & Marnie: Sookie channels her inner Nancy Drew and decides to “get a reading” from Marnie.  After convincing Marnie to give her a reading (note to self: if you want a reading after hours, just say Sabrina and Charmed were your favorite shows growing up.  I actually liked Charmed a lot), Sookie realizes Marnie hears her Gran.  Marnie tells her that Gran wants Sookie to look after Jason.  She also cautions her not to give her heart to the new man in her life because the situation is only temporary.  Somewhere between her warning about Eric and a new warning about Marnie, Sookie listens in on the witch’s mind and actually hears her Gran talking directly to her.  Gran tells her the woman before her is dangerous and yells at Sook to run away. Sookie, of course, runs, leaving Marnie perplexed. 
Tara & Sookie: Tara finally reveals her relationship to Sookie.  It was a nice bff moment…until Eric popped out from his lair and all hell breaks loose.  While Tara freaks, Sookie defends Eric and upsets her best friend in the process.  Tara calls her a hypocrite and takes off. 
Marnie & Bill: Thanks to his little witch-spy, Bill captures Marnie.  While sitting in one of Bill’s high-tech cells, Marnie mentally time travels to 1610 where the spirit goddess and other prisoner witches were chanting in a dungeon.  Two religious figures entered their dungeon and proceeded to feed on one of the witches.  Yep, they were vampires.  When Marnie “returned,” Bill glamoured her for answers, but found nothing useful.  Marnie is merely a vessel for this spirit-goddess-woman of the past. 
Alcide: Marcus, the pack-master of Shreveport, shows up on Al’s doorstep, angry that he hasn’t registered with the pack.  Al, cool, calm, and sexy, says, “I’m currently exploring free agency.”
Note: Gotta love a dreamy werewolf who references sports. Sigh.
Sookie & Eric, Part II: Eric and Sook had a little heart-to-heart on the couch, where Eric told her she has a beautiful light and he couldn’t bear it if he snuffed that out.  So, he leaves.  Eric doesn’t get very far when Sookie runs outside and asks him not to go.  As he walks back to her, she holds her arms out for him.  He returns to her arms and…THEY KISS!!!! YES!!!  It was the real deal. 
Note: Loved the music during this scene.
Bill & Pam, Part II: Bill calls a meeting with the remaining Louisiana sheriffs to address the witch problem.  Here, we learn a little more about this spirit goddess.  In 1610, a sorceress named Antonia used necromancy to pull all vampires within twenty miles from their sleep and into the daylight.  The all burned.  The sheriffs want to kill Marnie, but it would mean going against the AVL.  In Pam’s frustration, she reveals that Eric lost his memory.  Infuriated, Bill demands she tell him where Eric is hiding…which she does.  Crap.  There goes Bill.  Dang.

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