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True Blood Tuesday: Let's Get Out of Here

Posted on the 23 August 2011 by Thefriskyvirgin
Season 4, Episode 9
Sookie, Alcide, & Bill: We pick off where we left off at the end of the last episode—Al has Sookie in his arms and is running for her house.  This lasts maybe three steps before a flash of Bill whips by and snatches her right out of Al’s arms.  Ooh, Al’s eyes began glowing in angry yellow for a minute.  Hot.  Once at Sookie’s, Bill tries to feed her some blood, but she won’t take it.  Al overhears Bill apologizing for allowing her to join the battle and quips, “Why did you then?” Bill: “Werewolf, I’m going to need you to shut the eff up right now.”  Me thinks Bill is still deeply in love with Sookie.  Really, was there ever really any doubt?  Wake up, Sookster! Ah, she’s waking up…and asking for Eric.  Al doesn’t take her wanting Eric too well: “Am I the only one here who thinks this is bastsh*& crazy?!”  She almost died because of fangers and yet she wants to find Eric—Alcide is done and walks out. 
Note: Now, what healed Sookie?  Was Bill's blood on her lips enough to heal her?  Or was having Eric's blood still in her doing the trick?  Maybe it was her own fairy power.  Whatever it is, I swear, Sookie is the luckiest woman on the imaginary planet. Vampire Bill and Vampire Eric and Werewolf Alcide, oh my! Really, I need to infuse myself with fairy blood or something.
Antonia, Tara, Holly, & Witches: Back at Moon Goddess, Tara, Holly, and some of the witches are more than a little uncomfortable with Antonia’s judgment.  Some want to leave, but Antonia magically closes the doors, locking the lot inside.  Eric is still under Antonia’s spell and completely at her mercy.  Tara asks what would happen if they tried to leave.  Antonia dares her to try and find out.  Her next target is the upcoming vampire event, Festival of Tolerance, where she, the witches, and Eric will show the world just what vampires are all about.
Sam & Luna: Sam isn’t afraid of Marcus.  He’s so down-to-earth-manly-man.  Luna worries for Sam, should Marcus later return.  But Sam is more worried for Luna and Emma, especially after recognizing how uncomfortable Emma is around her father.  So, Sam suggests taking Luna and Emma camping…right now.  And so the cute little shifter trio (well, Emma could be a werewolf) were off to get back to nature. 
Al & Debbie: There’s sulky Debbie, pretending to be asleep when Al returns home after rescuing Sookie.  Deb keeps sniffing—she must smell Sookie on him.  Oh dear chicken fried steak with white gravy!!! A full bottom shot of Al crawling into bed.  My, my, my, my, my.  My. My.  Sorry, lost my concentration for a moment.  Phew! Okay, anyway, um…yes, well, Al cuddles up on Deb, who has the audacity to let her eyes go all angry yellow.  Really, Deb, don’t waste a good thing. 
Jessica, Nan, & Bill: By girl-cry-talking for over two hours, Jess had effectively reaffirmed Nan’s choice to stay career oriented and not ever become a maker.  Bill, Jess, and Nan head downstairs and get silvered to the beds.  While Jess cried, Bill filled Nan in on everything with the witches.  Bill wants to cancel the Festival of Tolerance, but Nan refuses and blames Bill for allowing things to get out of control.  Bill strikes back, saying this is all her doing, but in her eyes, she is never wrong. 
Lafayette, Baby Mikey, & Hoyt: Hoyt packs up Jessica’s belongings, including a Twilight book and Taylor Swift CD (such Jessica items!).  Lafayette suddenly bursts in Hoyt’s house, brandishing a gun, claiming it’s her house.  Ah, so this is where the haunted house and reappearing rot-doll come into play! Hoyt calls Jason, who is with a frantic Arlene and Terry, not to mention Andy, who quickly takes a hit of V before heading to Hoyt’s. 
Sookie’s Dream Sequence:  Everything has a 1950s-1960s feel—the music, clothing, etc.  Eric shows up in the daytime looking like old Eric with a little Danny Zuko vibe going on.  Sookie, wearing a little red wrap-dress-thing, embraces Eric and they begin to kiss, but Bill appears and gladly interrupts their fun.  Eric wants to know why Bill is there.  Bill has no idea, suggesting he ask Sookie because it is, after all, her dream.  Sookie doesn’t know why Bill is present, but Bill telepathically tells her, “Yes you do.  Tell him you never stopped loving me.”  Eric can hear their telepathic conversation and asks if she loves Bill.  Sookie says yes, but blamed it on Bill giving her his blood.  The situation escalates when Eric and Bill attempt a showdown.  Sookie doesn’t let them fight and asks them to follow her to the living room for a little talk.
While Bill and Eric sit on the couch, Sookie stands before them and declares her love for them both.  As such, she doesn’t want to belong to either of them and, in fact, they should both belong to her.  They are less than thrilled and she calls them out on the double standard.  Uh-oh.  She’s disrobing.  What’s True Blood without a threesome of two vampires and a fairy?
Tommy & Marcus: Tommy is at Merlotte’s leaving Sam a goodbye note when Marcus creeps in looking for Sam.  Tommy gives him some attitude and tells him he’s Sam’s brother.  Marcus hands him a card or slip of paper, ordering him to make sure Sam shows up later that night.  Later, Alcide tells Marcus he wants to move up in the pack because it’s important to Debbie.  Marcus asks Al to be there when his ex-wife’s shifter boyfriend shows up.  Al agrees.  I’m thinking Tommy has no intention of relaying the message to Sam. 
Hoyt, Lafayette, Jason, Baby Mikey, Andy, Arlene, & Terry, Part I:  Andy on V is getting old.  He fails miserably at getting Mikey back and won’t listen to Jason.  Lafayette/spirit lady fires at Andy and Jason, sending them rushing back outside.  Against Andy’s orders, Arlene and Terry show up and Terry wants to go soldier on Lafayette.  Arlene cries out, “Why are you doing this, Lafayette?” Lafayette, talking like the ghost lady, says my name is Mavis.  Terry starts his soldier thing, causing Andy to tackle him to the ground.  Terry accuses Andy of being jealous of what he has in his life, yet marvels at how strong Andy has become.  Jason recognizes Andy is still doing V. 
Note: I’m sensing some tension between Terry and Andy. 
Sam, Luna, & Emma, Part II: After chasing a bunny, Emma says she wants to be a shifter, not a werewolf, so she can shift into a bunny whenever she wants.  Luna goes into mommy-mode and reassures Emma that whatever she becomes is what is meant to be.  Sam, meanwhile, shifts into a bunny for Emma.
Note: They are like this perfect little family. I love Sam and Luna together!!!
Debbie: Trash.  There she goes buying V again! That didn’t take long.  Debbie then heads off to Sookie’s house with flowers in hand, offering whatever help she may need.  The whole conversation is really awkward, especially when Sookie realizes Debbie is jealous and worried when it comes to Alcide.  Sookie listens in on Debbie’s thoughts and believes her desire to help.  Sookie reassures Debbie of Alcide’s love for her.
Note: Now, Sookie doesn’t know Deb is doing V again.  I imagine this little tidbit will ultimately change everything.    Lafayette, Hoyt, Jason, Arlene, Terry, Andy, and Jesus, Part II:  Jason is now in charge of this incident, since Andy is tripping out.  Arlene called Jesus, who rushes over.  After a small confrontation, Jesus makes the situation very clear to Mavis.  Only then does she realize she’s inside another person’s body and that Mikey is not her baby.  Learning of Jesus' magical abilities, Mavis asks if he can help her hold her real baby one more time.  He said he would try. 
Jesus begins some magic, but needs to know what happened to Mavis.  She reveals that the a-hole father of her baby had already buried him by the time she returned with the doll.  Angry, she followed him inside, begging him to tell her where he buried their baby.  When she confronted him by the sink, he stabbed her.  She floated above her body and watched herself die. Her spirit followed him outside where he began shoveling.  Jesus asks her if she remembers where he was shoveling.  Mavis and Jesus go outside and Mavis returns Mikey to Arlene. 
Jesus, Hoyt, Jason, and Terry worked through the night, digging up the graves of Mavis and her baby.  When they find them, Jesus hands Mavis the body of her baby.  After holding her son for a few minutes, Jesus tells her it’s time to go now and Lafayette needs to come back.  He touches her, speaks a spell, and Mavis emerges from Lafayette’s body…with her baby. Aww.  She thanks Lafayette and he responds with “You got it, bitch.” Typical Lafayette. lol Mavis smiles, sings to her baby, smiles warmly at everyone, and disappears. 
Note: Though this was a beautiful resolution—seeing mother and baby reunited—it felt oddly anticlimactic.  Did anyone wonder what the point of this story was?  I came up with two things: 1. To show how Lafayette is a medium, and 2. To show that Jesus has the power to remove a spirit from a living body.  My guess is this whole story somehow relates to Antonia/Marnie.     Sookie, Debbie, Tara, Antonia, Eric, & Witches:  Debbie shows up at Moon Goddess, pledging her were-allegiance to Antonia.  Meanwhile, Sookie is sneaking in the back to find Eric.  When Sookie finds Eric, he tells her to leave.  Sookie recognizes he is under Antonia’s spell and asks what Antonia wants him to do.  Eric simply says, “Kill the King.”  Before Sookie can do anything else, Tara sneaks up on them, aiming a gun at her best friend’s face.  Debbie spots Tara holding a gun on Sook and quickly tells Antonia that she brought Sookie to her.  Giddy, Antonia tells Tara not to harm Sookie.  Tara begins verbally attacking her best friend…to get her to listen in on her thoughts.  Telepathically, Tara tells her that they’re all being held hostage, reveals where Bill is, and then tells Sook to charge her.  Sookie does, and escapes.  Ticked, Antonia realizes Debbie tricked her.  She orders Ray and Eric to accompany her to the festival, while locking the others inside Moon Goddess.  When Tara tries to leave, the door handle severely burns her hand. 
Note: Thank goodness Tara has come around.  Hopefully, she and Holly will turn on Antonia and seek help from Jesus and Lafayette.  But, my goodness, Tara knows how to get in trouble.
Hoyt & Jason: Jason helps Hoyt fix his door after the whole Mavis-Lafayette ordeal.  Jason finds a Taylor Swift CD and teases Hoyt about it.  Hoyt says it belongs in the monster box.  Yep, Hoyt has named the box of Jessica’s things the monster box.  The box even had a little note written in black sharpie on it: For you, Monster.  Jackwad.  Hoyt, calling on their lifelong friendship, asked Jason to drop the box off at Jessica’s. 
Note: Hoyt, I’m over you. Bring on Jason & Jessica!
Sam & Luna: With Emma sound asleep in a separate tent, Sam (this time the real one) and Luna make love. 
Note: I have a feeling she’s enjoying her time with this Sam much more than fake Sam.  Just sayin’. 
Tommy, Marcus, & Al: While Sam and Luna roast their marshmallows, Tommy-Sam shows up for the meeting with Marcus.  Marcus warns him to stop sleeping with Luna.  Tommy-Sam says he hasn’t even touched her, but the same can’t be said for his brother—he’s had her every which way.  Well, Marcus and his thugs beat the crap out of Tommy-Sam, while Al uncomfortably looks on.  Al finally steps in just when Tommy-Sam shifts back to just Tommy.  Marcus seems a little rattled when he realizes it’s the brother and tells his thugs to get the kid out of there.  Al goes Alpha and carries Tommy out himself.  Alcide is beyond dream-worthy. 
Jason & Jessica: Jason delivers the box to Jessica at Bill’s mansion.  Jason still can’t admit his feelings.  She invites him inside, but he declines.  Still, he can’t seem to walk away from her.  Soon, we see that he did go…to the back of his truck…with Jessica…where they were having what looked to be great sex.
Note: Reckon the forever virgin thing didn't bother Jason...and it didn't look to be a problem for Jess, either.  Yep, it’s all about Jason and Jessica now.  Normally, I’d feel awful for Hoyt, but his actions are immature and ridiculous. 
Festival of Tolerance:  Okay, so we have a human in the crowd videotaping what he calls “vampire b.s.”  The festivities begin. Sitting in chairs on the stage, Bill surveys the crowd and asks Nan if they are the only vampires present.  Nan says yes, including the LSU student’s big sister, who is about to take the stage.  Bill wonders how you can have an event in honor of the living dead without the living dead.  Nan believes keeping vampire numbers low will lessen the risk of a bloodbath. 
Debbie is driving granny-style (probably because of the V), so Sookie urges her to speed it up a little. 
Soon, Nan is doing her political correct thing for the crowd. Meanwhile, Eric turns up, distracts the Louisiana sheriffs, and brings them to Antonia, who immediately gets them under her control.  Bill takes the podium—Eric, lurking nearby, has him in his sights.  Suddenly, from somewhere behind the crowd, Sookie screams Bill’s name.  Alarmed, Bill says her name and looks around.  Eric and the sheriffs have removed the insides of Bill’s guards.  Chaos ensues as people start running and screaming.  Sookie, trying to get to Bill, calls out again, “They’re coming for you! RUN!”   
Only THREE episodes left!!! How on earth will this all end?!

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