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True Blood Tuesday: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'? *SPOILERS*

By Thefriskyvirgin

Season 4, Episode 3.          Tara, Lafayette, Jesus, Marnie, & the witches, Part I:  Though Marnie has no idea what she did to make Eric leave, she is adamant that Eric had no right to demand the witches stop meeting, claiming it’s their right to practice their religion.  Lafayette tried to warn them about Eric’s power, but Jesus and the others seem more concerned with their rights than any threat he may pose.  Lafayette resolves to beg for Eric’s mercy. They have no clue he has lost his memory. 
Sookie & Eric, Part I:  Aww, memory-loss-Eric is so dang cuddly…well, as cuddly as a tall, sexy vampire could be.  Eric (calling her Snookie, lol) tells Sookie what he remembered about Marnie and the spell (i.e. it was her, then it wasn’t; her cold, empty eyes draining him of everything).  Sookie, realizing something is off, agrees to help him, but only if he doesn’t touch or bite her.  There were some really cute moments between them: a. he doesn’t remember he owns the house, so he waits for an invite; b. when Sookie unsuccessfully tries to stop him from stepping on her throw rug with his muddy feet, Eric apologizes, then awkwardly walks around the rug to avoid further stains; c. while Sookie washes his feet, he giggles saying, “it tickles.”
Sookie called Pam regarding Eric, and Pam left Fangtasia in a rush.  When she stormed through Sookie’s door, Eric flew off the couch and screamed, “Who the eff is she?!” Pam swore, and Eric apologized to Sookie for being so rude.  Pam let slip that Eric owns the house; he also found out that he had tasted Sookie once before--he seemed quite pleased by the idea until Sookie referred to the incident as fang-rape.  Once again, he offered a meek little apology. 
Pam tells Sookie that she has to hide him from the witches who cursed him. Sookie, not thrilled about having to deal with witches, suggests going to Bill, but Pam gets in her face and threatens her.  Not keen on how Pam addressed Sookie, Eric sent her flying into the hall and ordered her to treat Sookie kindly.  A little rattled, Pam tells Sookie that Bill probably sent Eric to the coven on purpose.  Now, with Eric's memory loss, this would give Bill the opportunity to have the AVL execute Eric. Sookie agrees, but wants compensation.
Later, when Sookie shows Eric his lair, he doesn’t want to let her leave.  In what was one of my favorite moments of the night, Eric gets so engrossed looking at Sookie that his fangs pop out. He swiftly and shyly covers his mouth and apologizes.    NOTE: I seriously cannot get enough of this gentle Eric. He’s so darn cute.
Sookie & Alcide: Yay, Alcide is back!  Sookie goes to visit him in his new fancy home in Shreveport, where she asks if he will care for Eric.  All goes south when a sober and deeply apologetic Debbie rounds the corner with a tray of snacks.  Sookie reluctantly accepts Debbie’s apology and hug before hauling a** outta there.  Alcide chases after her, offering to take Eric in, but Sookie rightly reasoned that the home of a recovering V-addict is not a good place for Eric.  Alcide then offers an empty home in the neighborhood when he hears that Eric is living with Sookie. She politely declines and wishes both he and Debbie well. 
Jason & Crystal:  Jason is supposedly going to be “reborn” a panther, according to Crystal.  While Jason’s body absorbs the panther magic (from the bites), an older werepanther told the story of how a panther ate Ghost Daddy and Ghost Mama, regurgitated them, and, thus, started their kind.  Later, Crystal gives Jason some medicine in the form of a little blue pill--Viagra.  Apparently, Jason needs to be seriously mate-worthy because it’s not only Crystal he is to impregnate, but every female in Hot Shot.  Yeah, he’s pretty angry at Crystal.  It’s all a little ewy.
Bill & Portia:  Portia more or less threw herself at Bill, wanting to take their delightful business relationship to one sprinkled with sexual fun.  Bill told her he could never love her (that old hearts cannot love, which, of course, isn’t true).  Did she care? Nope. She’s cool with a sex-only thing. So, they get it on that night, but when she offers him her neck in the middle of the action, he refuses. 
Sam & Andy:  Andy is hitting the V more frequently now and he stupidly went off on Sam, who now suspects he’s hooked on something.
Sam, Tommy & Maxine: Hoyt’s mama has an addiction…mail order dolls--and they are causing her some money woes.  When someone knocks on the door, Maxine sends Tommy, since she’s just too busy ordering a Marie Osmond Halloween Doll.  Well, the guy is there to offer Maxine a hefty payday for her natural gas rights.  Tommy, claiming to be Maxine’s son, works a better deal and agrees to inform his “mom” of everything, which, naturally, he doesn’t.  Instead, he goes to Sam with a strategy:  buy Maxine’s house and then split the natural gas money between them.  Sam, always ethical, refuses, and Tommy now seriously hates his brother…again.
NOTE: Tommy is a pain in the tail.  Sometimes, he is adorable as Sam’s little brother, but other times he annoys the crud out of me.  No Sam & Luna this week. Boo!
Jessica & Bill: In a very father/daughter-like scene, Bill shows extreme concern when Jessica admits to feeding on a human other than Hoyt.  Just moments earlier, Bill ordered a true vampire death after said vamp was caught on tape feeding on a human girl (who clearly wasn’t too upset by the ordeal. Can you say set-up?).  Jess said she was careful and isn’t stupid enough to get caught.  Bill advised her to tell Hoyt the truth.
Jessica & Hoyt: After visiting Bill, Jessica confesses her feed-cheat to Hoyt.  When Hoyt doesn’t take the news well, she glamours him—all forgotten!  And look who else makes an appearance…the creepy baby doll!!!!! Apparently, both Jess and Hoyt have tried multiple times to get rid of the dang thing, but it keeps coming back. Seriously, how Chucky is that?!  So, Jess has one more idea…
Arlene & Terry: Jess, claiming it’s a family heirloom, gave the creepy doll to the maybe-devil baby.  Perfect match! What’s the problem? The baby was utterly in love with the rotten little thing.
Tara, Lafayette, Jesus, Marnie, & the witches, Part II: Tara and Jesus try to keep Lafayette from going to Eric, but he gives them the slip and heads to Fangtasia, where he finds a less-than-accommodating Pam.  Tara and Jesus, equipped with a wooden-bullet-filled gun, show up in time to save Lafayette and promise to bring Marnie to Pam in order to reverse whatever spell was cast on Eric. 
Meanwhile, Marnie begs to be a spirit servant, even cutting herself to prove her worth.  When she didn’t get a response, she cut herself again, this time even deeper than before.  Still, she did not receive a response, so she moved to wash her cuts.  Little did she know the spirit woman was observing her from somewhere in the room—hers is the face we saw Marnie’s flashing to during the memory loss spell. 
Sookie & Eric, Part II: Claudine shows up at Sookie’s house and tries to convince her to return to faux fairyland, claiming they can keep her safe.  Remember when Sookie expertly wrapped that chain around Mack Rattray’s neck and it somehow magically tightened? Well, it was Claudine—she was there that night and awakened the light in Sookie, enabling her to fight.  Sookie wanted to know why she never helped her against the vampires, but Claudine simply said it was too dangerous.  She then demands Sookie take her hand, but Sook refuses and, in an instant, Eric whips by, grabs Claudine, and drains her until she turned into ash. 
Sookie shouts, “You killed my fairy godmother!” Eric sheepishly looks at her, his mouth covered in fairy blood, and says, “Sorry.” He then gave her the cutest little-boy-in-trouble smile ever. He’s the only guy who could have a mouth full of blood-drenched fangs and melt your heart.

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