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True Blood Tuesday: And When I Die *SPOILERS*

Posted on the 13 September 2011 by Thefriskyvirgin
Season four, episode 12, Season Finale    Vampires, witches, werewolves, fairies, and Halloween in Bon Temps—bring it on!
Lafarnie & Jesus, Part I: Marnie is now possessing Lafayette (a.k.a. Lafarnie).  Jesus (looks so cute, btw) apologizes for trying to push Lafayette into magic and is cool with leading a magic-free life.  Lafarnie is reserved and slightly standoffish.  Oh, that fork in Lafarnie’s hand looks ominous.  Jesus kisses Lafarnie…eh, yeah, he suspects. Jesus worriedly mutters, “Lafayette?” But Lafarnie simply shakes his head, makes a tisk-tisk sound, and, ouch, stabs Jesus in the hand with the ominous fork.
Sookie & Tara: Sookie gets a vision of her Gran’s murdered body while fixing some coffee.  Tara walks into the kitchen and the two begin talking about Gran.  Sookie can’t shake the feeling that Gran is there, around her.  Aw, Sook and Tara are having a heart-to-heart about growing old together. See, this is the bff stuff I love between those two. 
Sam & Maxine Fortenberry:  Maxine joins Sam beside Tommy’s grave.  She’s clearly upset he’s gone. She says to Sam, “You call me mama from now on.  We’re all the family we’ve got left.” Well, just make me cry! Soon after Maxine leaves, Luna and Emma join Sam.
Jason & Hoyt: Uh-oh.  Jason just pulled up to where Hoyt’s working and gave himself a pep talk in the rearview mirror.  Why do I have a feeling this isn’t going to go well?  Jason confesses he had sex with Jessica.  At first, Hoyt laughs it off, thinking he’s joking, but Jason assures him it’s true. Hoyt’s first question is, “How?” Oh my gravy, Jason…he just started rattling off a list of positions he and Jess explored, finishing with this little gem: “It was nothing too kinky.” WHAM! His soon-to-be former best friend just socked him.  Hoyt just wanted to know how he could get with Jess when he could have anyone.  WHAM! Yep, Hoyt’s putting a good beating on Jason.  Hoyt: “What Jess and I had, it was real and you ain’t never gonna have that, not with her, not with anybody.  ‘Cause there’s something inside you…it’s just missin’.”
Lafarnie & Jesus, Part II: Jesus, tied to a chair, his hand bleeding, tries to reach Lafayette, telling him to fight Marnie.  Lafarnie laughs him off, though admits the magic in Lafayette is clumsy, but potent.  Jesus then tries to work on Lafarnie’s emotions, much like Sookie did last episode.  Ooh, Lafayette’s fighting Marnie! Lafayette: “Jesus, this bitch is strong and seriously homicidal.” Marnie threatens Lafayette, swearing to cut his eye out if he calls her a bitch one more time. So what does Marnie want now? The magic within Jesus. 
Note: Nelsan Ellis deserves an Emmy, Golden Globe, whatever.  How good is he?!
Sookie & Sam:  Sook stops by Merlotte’s and gets a little surprised by Arlene, who is all dressed up as a zombie for Halloween (according to her, zombies are the new vampires).  Presumably Sookie listened in on Arlene’s thoughts and learned about Tommy. Sook heads back to greet Sam, gives him a hug, and when he says he hasn’t seen her in a while, Sookie reminds him he fired her.  Of course, that was really Tommy at the time, which Sam realizes pretty quickly and rehires Sookie.  He has her start back up right then, but only if she wears a pair of bunny ears. 
Note: “Zombies are the new vampires.” Was this a humorous little jab at The Walking Dead?  Or could it be a hint for season 5?
Lafarnie & Jesus, Part III: She starts going off on how people have made a joke of Halloween, a sacred witch-y holiday.  Jesus agrees, but continues begging for Lafayette’s life.  “You can’t trade magic like effin Pokemon cards,” pleads Jesus. (Great line). Lafarnie takes a knife to Lafayette’s chest, telling Jesus if he doesn’t give her his magic, she will take the life from his body.  Jesus, distraught, begins chanting and brings out the demon-face. 
OH NO!!! NO! NO! NO! Lafarnie just stabbed Jesus, licked his blood off the knife, and sprouted the demon-face.  Jesus whimpers an apology to Lafayette while Lafarnie basks in her new demon self.
Sam, Arlene, her kids, Emma, Terry,& Patrick: Sam brings little Emma to Merlotte’s and introduces her to Arlene’s kiddos.  Arlene’s daughter, Lisa, is sporting a pregnant belly—yeah, she’s dressed up as Janelle from Teen Mom 2. *shakes head* When Arlene asks what little Emma is, she responds with a literal answer: “I’m either going to be a shape-shifter like my mommy or a werewolf like my daddy.  He’s dead.” With a simple, “All righty,” Arlene trots off to greet a new face:  Scott Foley (of Felicity fame).  He’s one of Terry’s old military buddies. Patrick is charming, handsome, and is seriously going to cause trouble for Terry and Arlene. Why? See the note.
Note: Okay, what was that look Patrick made when Terry mentioned having a wife?  Was it surprise?  Disappointment?  Terry started staring into space when Patrick and Arlene were talking.  What’s going on here? Any ideas?
Alcide & Sookie at Merlotte’s: Awwwww, Al wants to be with Sookie.  He’s seeing clearly, wants no more drama, and wants Sook to give up the drama, too.  She says she can’t help who she loves, even though she has tried.  He tells her to try harder before his phone jingles—he has to go.  He simply wants her to think about what he said and try not to get herself killed. Sookie, you’d be crazy not to give Alcide a chance. 
Tara: :( She just found Jesus’ body.
Holly, Sookie, & Tara: Holly startles Sookie when she approaches her dressed as a fairy.  Sook is still a little wary of fairies.  Faux-fairy Holly finds Halloween unnerving and has had a really bad feeling in her gut all day—the same feeling Sookie has been feeling. Tara pulls up, hops out of her car, and tells them Marnie is possessing Lafayette.  They take off to find Lafarnie, knowing Bill and Eric are in trouble. 
Bill, Eric, Lafarnie, Sookie, Holly, and Tara: Both shirtless, Bill and Eric are chained to a post, bonfire style.  Eric asks if Bill has any idea how to get out of this one.  Bill suggests summoning Pam, to which Eric replies with, “You could summon Jessica.” Eric surmises correctly that Bill would sacrifice Pam, but not his own progeny.  Eric: “That’s not very Kingly of you.” Bill: “I liked you better when you were brain-damaged.” Great exchange between them. 
Sookie, Tara, and Holly rush up, but Lafarnie meets them with a “What goes around comes around, bitches.” She purposely wanted to mock Lafayette, thus the “bitches” comment. While Bill, Eric, Sookie, and Tara try to reason with her, Holly walks around the parameter sprinkling powder.  Lafarnie has had enough—she magically fires up the bonfire.  Sookie blasts Lafarnie with her fairy power, knocking her backwards, but it brings out the demon-face at the same time.  Holly, Tara, and Sook join hands and begin chanting.  They create a protective boundary around themselves, Eric, and Bill. That’s not the only thing the spell does: It also brings back all the spirits who watch over and love them. 
Antonia steps forward, calls for Marnie, and puts out the flames.  Lafarnie ditches the demon-face to talk to Antonia, but insists she’s not done here. 
“Oh yes you are!” cries a voice.  It’s Sookie’s Gran!!!! She reaches into Lafayette’s mouth and pulls Marnie’s spirit out. 
Marnie doesn’t want to leave, for now she has real power; she doesn’t want the vampires to win.  Antonia explains that life is pain, and soon she will be at peace—the vampires will be stuck in life forever and there’s no victory in that.  Marnie accepts her fate with a wail and a “This effin sucks.” She walks with Antonia to the afterlife. 
Sookie calls to her Gran, begging her not to go.  Sook says she is lost and doesn’t know what to do.  Gran tells her the answer is where it always is: in her heart.  Gran: “Being alone ain’t nothing to be afraid of, my Sookie.  We’re all alone at the end.” She and the spirits disappear into the distance while Sookie sobs.
Tara rushes to Lafayette, crying for him to wake up.  As he starts to awaken, you hear, “Excuse me! We’re feeling a little crispy up here.” Eric.  Hilarious.
Note: I loved seeing Gran again!!! The return of the spirits was a really nice touch, I thought.
Arlene & Renee: Arlene’s emptying the trash in the back of Merlotte’s.  OH Holy.  That spell must have given Renee the chance to visit Arlene.  She freaks when she sees him.  Renee says he’s there to warn her about Terry!!!! He says he’s met the ghosts of Terry’s past and they’re not going to rest forever.  Renee whispers, “Run”… then shouts, “RUN!” Terry comes out, takes her in his arms, and tells her nothing is going to hurt her.  Uh-oh. 
Note: Terry?! Bad?! WHAT?! Could Terry really be a Big Bad? Honestly, would you really trust what your murdering lunatic ex has to say?    Jessica & Jason, Part I: Jessica is the perfect Little Red Riding Hood, her costume of choice this Halloween.  Mind you, it’s a very sexy LRRH costume.  Jason, holding a Popsicle to his busted eye, answers the door…and invites her in…where they commence with some intense sexy fun.  She tells him she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend because she doesn’t want to hurt him they she hurt Hoyt.  Jess asks him if this could be enough for now; Jason tells her she’s dangerous and Jess says, “Yes, I am.” Ah, yes, carry on, lovers.
Pam & Ginger: Pam’s over Sookie big time.  After verbally bashing Sookie’s fairy bits and her stupid name, she cries, “How can someone named Sookie take him [Eric] away from me?!” Ginger, appropriately dressed as a nurse, hugs a tearful Pam…and Pam actually lets her. 
Sookie, Bill, & Eric: Sookie provides them with her fairy blood to heal their wounds.  Sookie asks them to stop and says she can’t do this any longer.  Bill, wanting Sookie to be happy, gives Sook and Eric his blessing.  Eric caresses her cheek, happy they can be together.  When he reminds her of Bill’s lies, Sook scolds him slightly.  Sookie moves to Bill and forgives him for his lies.  Bill also caresses her cheek hopefully, telling her she’s the love of his life.  Eric looks sad, believing he has lost Sookie to Bill.  She says, “I know…that’s what makes this so much harder.”
Okay, now she’s back to Eric.  Bill is now wearing the gloomy face.  Sookie reveals to Eric that a part of her has always wanted him, long before sweet-Eric came about.  Happy, Eric promises she won’t be sorry.  Um…Sookie backs away, dumps them both (telling them it’s the hardest decision she’s ever had to make), goes outside, and cries on Bill’s porch.
Note: The whole scene, I kept thinking, “Why, Sookie, you’re teasing those poor vampires!” She kind-of led them down a primrose path and then dumped them.
Lafayette & Jesus: Jesus appears to Lafayette (I’m assuming they are in Sookie’s house).  Lafayette feels so guilty, but Jesus is serene.  He tells Lafayette the secret to carrying on is simple: just keep breathing.  Jesus leans in and kisses Lafayette.  When Lafayette can’t bear for him to leave, Jesus reminds him he’s a medium—“I’ll always be with you.” He leaves and Lafayette breaks down. There’s a lot of crying tonight.
Holly & Andy: Andy brings Holly some flowers outside of Merlotte’s and admits he was on V when they had their first disastrous date.  It’s all too much for Holly to handle. Andy understands, but says, “I’m sober and I’m lonely and I could be good to someone if they let me.” So sweet. As he walks away, Holly asks him for a hug.  Andy holds his arms out for her and they embrace. Cute.
Sam & Luna: Outside Sam’s place, my new very favorite couple is all kissy-face.  He wants to invite her in, but she’s not ready to expose Emma to sleeping over at Sam’s just yet.  He wants to tell her something cute, but Luna is afraid he will jinx things.  Sam believes life is violent and cruel and when good things come along, they need to celebrate. Luna grins and agrees.  Sam watches her drive away.  Very sweet.  UM. WHAT?! There’s a growl!!! Sam turned around and…there’s a werewolf!!!!
Jason & Jess: Ha! Jason is naked as the day is long with a Miller Lite pillow covering his manhood. Only Jason! Jason wonders if Jess thinks there’s a part of him that’s missing and that’s why she doesn’t want to stay the night. Jess immediately said no and told him he’s funny and has the sexiest hip bones she’s ever seen.  Truth is, their romp made her hungry and she’s not ready to feed from Jason yet (too intimate).  He’s cool with that, comparing it to a hooker with kissing.  He tells her she is not like any other woman he’s ever been with (and he’s been with a lot of women).  Jess finds this very sweet, leans in to kiss him, and her fangs pop out.  She apologizes, blaming it on low blood sugar. He gently touches one of her fangs before she takes off.
There’s a knock on his door. OH! It’s reverend Steve Newlin!!!!! AND he’s a VAMPIRE!!!!! WOW.
Alcide & Random Worker Dude: Random Worker Dude called Alcide to come take a look at a hole in some concrete.  Random Worker Dude can’t remember anything.  Random Worker Dude was glamoured.  Al studies the hole and finds some silver chains.     Note: I think Russell Edgington is baaack!!!
Bill, Eric, & Nan: Back at Bill’s house, Nan angrily informs Eric and Bill that she quit (fired from) the Authority and there’s an order issued on their heads.  Nan was supposed to deliver the True Death to Eric and Bill, but realized she would be next.  Basically, Nan is mutinying against the American Vampire League and the Authority and wants our two sexy vampires to join her.  Nan says they won’t be alone, saying Eric knows what she’s talking about—this revelation seemed to surprise Bill. 
Uh-oh, Nan knows Sookie is a fairy.  Eric sizes up her guards. They tell her to go ahead and take a drink from Sookie, but it’s hardly worth dying for. Nan doesn’t buy it, comparing them to hungry puppy dogs slobbering over the same juicy bone. Whoa.  Eric just beheaded her guards and Bill stabbed Nan!!!! Bill: “We are not effin puppy dogs!” Eric, looking at her guts on the floor: “What a bitch.”
Note: I like this new camaraderie between Bill and Eric.
Sookie: Sook comes home, calling for Tara.  She hears someone with a shotgun behind her and turns to find Debbie, aiming to kill.  Debbie says she should have done this a long time ago. 
OMG! OMG! OMG! Tara rounded the corner, saw Sookie about to be shot, jumped in front of her and…OMG…Debbie shot Tara in the back of the head!!!!! NO!!!!
Sookie penned Debbie down, grabbed the gun, and blew her face off. 
Sookie ran to her best friend; blood is pouring from Tara’s head; Sookie cradled Tara in her arms, sobbing and crying for somebody to help them.
End of season.
OMG. I’m literally crying right now.  I need a minute. 
Note: Back now.  Well, that was sad.  I know Tara has gotten on my nerves at times, but she has always come around and returned to her bff.  I didn’t want to see her die.  IS there any way she might live? Here’s why I’m hopeful she’ll survive:
  • It struck her in the back of the head, right? But the bullet also blew out the window behind Tara
  • Maybe she’s near death, but Eric and Bill could answer Sookie’s cries for help and save Tara?  They could feed her their blood or turn her into a vampire! I know her fate in the books, but we can’t necessarily go by that. 
  • Why kill Tara and turn her into another ghost for Lafayette to channel when he gets lonely.  He just lost Jesus for cryin’ out loud! 
  • Would they have Sookie’s bff die in the kitchen where her Gran already died?!

Overall, I really enjoyed the finale. There was a nice mix of humor, sorrow, passion, and action/mystery.  This season went by so fast! :(

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