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True Blood Season 4: No One is Safe from the Witches

Posted on the 13 July 2011 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

True Blood's Marnie, played by Fiona ShawSunday’s episode of True Blood, “If You Love Me Why Am I Dyin’?” revealed that the witches that have descended on Bon Temps are definitely going to create a lot of problems for the vampires. While they certainly pose the biggest threat for the vamps, it also sounds like they are going to cause a lot of chaos and reek a lot of havoc for nearly every supe and human on the show. Fiona Shaw, who plays lead witch Marnie, says that Marnie “goes after pretty well anyone who crosses her path.” So, basically anyone is fair game to fall under some kind of spell that Marnie and her coven cook up.

We still haven’t figured out Marnie’s story, but Shaw sums up our initial impression of her quite nicely:

“She’s pretty bad, but she’s also pretty good. She’s a pathetic person who becomes very powerful and maybe starts to abuse her power.”

We’re definitely interested in seeing her pathetic side, although we did catch a glimpse of it in the scene where she was basically begging the spirit to possess her body again. She seems awkward at times, almost as if she’s not truly sure of what she’s doing, but then she goes into super witch mode and makes a bird come back from the dead (okay, she couldn’t have done that without Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), but you know what we mean). We all know by now that Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) is Marnie’s first vampire victim, however we can’t quite shake the feeling that Bill (Stephen Moyer) set Eric up on that one (Bill knows that this new coven are necromancers and given Bill and Eric’s history, as well as their present, dispatching Eric to take care of the coven seems a bit too convenient). Executive producer Alexander Woo warns that the witches and vampires are in for quite a roller coaster ride:

“I think what [the witches] represent is the power of the human spirit and sort of the power of life, and they use that to perform their magic. Whereas, vampires are the dead. They represent death and it’s the contrast of life versus death, with human versus vampire that I think is the crux of this season. And the very thing that allows the vampires to be animated is the thing that the witches can control.”

Y’all know that Woo has crazy talent to make certain scenes a bit, er, disturbing, but in such a morbid car accident can’t look away kind of way (i.e. Maryanne serving up Daphne’s heart to Eggs and Tara in season 2, Bill and Lorena’s crazy head turning sex scene in season 3, and Russell’s spine-ripping scene in season 3). So, we can’t wait to see what Woo has up his sleeve in the next episode he directs, episode seven, “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”.

One of the more scary realities is that witches are so unpredictable. It’s not like you can see them winding up to punch you, giving you time to duck. They start chanting some spell and grab hands and wham, your memory is gone. Kristin Bauer van Straten, who plays vampire Pam, reveals:

“Most enemies sort of have boundaries. Witches don’t really, so they fight in an unseen world. You know they’re not going to throw something at you or throw a punch at you. They are going to do spells and things that you can’t predict, you can’t know, and you can’t react to necessarily in a physical way. So that creates chaos.”

Buckle up, Truebies. Sounds like it’s going to be a pretty crazy (and awesome!) ride.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter - ‘True Blood’: EP Reveals How Witches Conjure Up Chaos in Season 4

Photo Credit: HBO

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