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True Blood’s Michelle Forbes Can’t Quite Shake Maryann

Posted on the 16 May 2011 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

True Blood's Michelle Forbes can't quite shake Maryann ForresterMichelle Forbes took on the role of maenad Maryann Forrester in season 2 of True Blood, and even though her character died a pretty awesome death, Maryann has lived on in the eyes of True Blood fans. Forbes recently admitted to New York Magazine that she has gotten approached by Truebies who have confessed that they’re terrified of her:

“The other night at a restaurant one of the servers was glaring at me, and I thought, what have I done? He’s like, ‘Ohmygawd it is you from True Blood. You scared me so much.’ With Maryann, I think a lot of people tended to get scared by my presence. I had no idea that’s what we were doing — I thought she was hilarious.”

Forbes has moved on to a new role, as Mitch in AMC’s The Killing, but she definitely looks back fondly on her stint on True Blood:

“When Alan Ball offers you an entrance where you’re standing naked in the middle of the road with a pig, you’re like, ‘Yeah, let’s go. Bring it.’ I’ll do it standing on my head if you like. But if I am at a party, people are disappointed I’m not concocting some sort of orgy.”

Source: Wetpaint – Michelle Forbes Terrifies Waiters

Photo Credit: Sci Fi Scoop

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