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True Blood’s Hard Cover Cook Book Serves Up Eats, Drinks and Bites

Posted on the 29 March 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

True Blood’s Hard Cover Cook Book Serves Up Eats, Drinks and BitesWe got a taste of it’s arrival when we previously reported on the upcoming True Blood Cookbook, but now here’s the real thing, and it’s in hard cover. And, not only is it full of delicious Bon Temps recipes, but it’s also written by Alan Ball, True Blood’s creator and Associate Producer, Gianna Sobol.

We all know that the menus at the now-famous Fangtasia and Merlotte’s Bar and Grill play a key role in the series, providing sustenance for its human characters, evoking memories of a bygone life for its vampires, and serving as a powerful symbol for the desires and carnal needs the characters harbor. It’s no wonder so many fans revel in at-home parties inspired by the food on the series! With recipes from unforgettable scenes, each entertainingly introduced by True Blood ’s most compelling characters, these 85 authentic bayou country recipes and 150-plus photos from the series give fans a big taste of Bon Temps.

By Gianna Sobol and Alan Ball • With Karen Sommer Shalett • Recipes by Marcelle Beinvenu • Food photographs by Alex Farnum

Gianna Sobol is an associate producer on HBO’s hit series True Blood. She lives in Los Angeles. Alan Ball is the creator, writer, and producer of the HBO original series True Blood and Six Feet Under. He lives in Los Angeles (but has deep Southern roots).

Karen Sommer Shalett is the editor-in-chief of DC magazine, and a former staff writer for New Orleans’ Times-Picayune. Marcelle Bienvenu is co-author of the bestselling New Orleans heritage cookbook, Cookin’ Up a Storm.

To order your copy at the HBO Store, CLICK HERE.

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