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True Blood Meets Twilight in Stephen Moyer’s The Caller

Posted on the 18 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

The Caller, starring Rachelle Lefevre and Stephen Moyer, is set to be released in the USA on August 26th.

True Blood meets Twilight in Stephen Moyer’s The Caller
This supernatural thriller stars 3 actors who played vampire roles: Rachelle Lefevre in Twilight and Stephen Moyer and Ed Quinn in True Blood (Ed played the role of Stan in season 2).
When I spoke with the director of The Caller, Matthew Parkhill, he assured me that it’s pure coincidence.

“It looks like really cleaver marketing: True Blood meets Twilight. But it isn’t, I wish I were that smart.”

“We were casting and I got word that Moyer was interested”, Matthew continues. “Originally he was interested in the role of the ex-husband. I remember thinking that he would be much more interesting in the role of the boyfriend John Guidi, because he has this dark baggage from True Blood you would expect him to play the ex-husband.” During a telephone conversation both Matthew and Stephen agreed that the boyfriend would be the better part for him.

“Ed came in and read for the part and I really liked him”, Matthew continues telling about the casting. “Rachelle stepped in at the last moment. It wasn’t as planned as it looks like. I couldn’t be happier now because they are amazing together, particularly Rachelle and Moyer have such amazing chemistry. There is a love scene in the movie that I am very proud of as a director.  Together Rachelle and Stephen take the movie to a much more psychological place than it originally would have been and they lifted it to a higher level. I really got lucky. They had never met each other before. Rachelle arrived on the second day and went straight into filming and they started scenes together. We were rehearsing blocking a scene and I remember that I had one line in my head that had to be said a certain way and Moyer said it in a different way. I saw them working together and stepped back and watched them work. That is a director’s dream: when you have actors coming together and bringing the script to a deeper, stronger place, that is heaven for a director.”

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