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‘True Blood’ in 3-D – Could It Be?

Posted on the 27 May 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

‘True Blood’ in 3-D – could it be?Personally, we like True Blood as real as it can be, but 3D, might just be a bit too much for our purest tastes. At any rate, it just might happen according to the show’s creator, Alan Ball.

While Mr. Ball is staying mum on details about the twists and turns the story line will take for the upcoming Season 4, he did confirm earlier this week that the hit show is experimenting with the stereoscopic technology.

We did a scene in 3-D this season just to take a look at it,” Ball said in an interview. “HBO asked us to do one. It was pretty cool. I don’t think it’s going to air. We just did it as an experiment, because I don’t know if they’re going to want to take the show 3-D at some point, maybe like a season premiere or a season finale or something. I would be surprised if — depending on how long the show lasts — that doesn’t happen at some point, especially if 3-D technology gets beyond having to wear the glasses.”

Though Ball didn’t describe the 3-D scene in specific terms, he did say that it didn’t require too much additional trickery to shoot, which might suggest that in the not-too-distant future, fans could begin enjoying the series’ mix of sex, violence and humor in one additional dimension.

It was basically a scene that’s in the show anyway, so they just also shot it with 3-D cameras,” Ball said. “They sort of blocked it so it would lend itself to that. There was a lot of stuff in the foreground, stuff in the background, that kind of thing. I really don’t believe it was tremendously difficult. If I can remember correctly I believe that the director and the cinematographer did a little seminar with the 3-D camera people before we did it, and they sort of said this is what works best.


source: herocomplex.latimes.com

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