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Trollinger: A Good German Wine?

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

trollinger german wine
Asking the question is “Trollinger a good German wine?” is asking for trouble.  Trollinger wine is only produced in Württemberg an area in SW Germany that lies primarily between Stuttgart and Heilbronn and these residents called Swabians are likely to answer along the lines of “Of course.  It’s aromatic, fruity with a hint of strawberry, plus its a local specialty.”  Germans who reside outside the region are likely to answer with a face screwed up in disgust that says it all, with a wave of their hand dismissing the Swabians as silly for thinking that Trollinger is a good wine.  Non-wine aficionados are more likely to remain more neutral, most likely never having heard of Trollinger.

Württemberg is one of only a few places in the world that produces the Trollinger grape and most of it is consumed locally.  Only a small fraction of it is exported, making Trollinger a rare wine.  Unlike other items that are rare because they are so precious like yellow diamonds, Trollinger is rare for another reason.  It is perhaps one would say…an acquired taste.  In watching many expat friends taste their first sip of Trollinger I’ve heard things like “it tastes like cough syrup”, “it’s so metallic” or “it tastes like rancid berries.”  Don’t let a Swabian hear you say that though, they’re very proud of their Trollinger wines.  I’m personally not a big fan of it as I find  it doesn’t go down as smooth as other wines – i.e. I feel a slight burning in my throat when I drink it.  Having said that, I would recommend trying it when you’re in the Stuttgart region as it is one of the few places you will find it – but perhaps start with a glass first before ordering a bottle.  So what do you think, is Trollinger a good German wine?

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