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Trick “r” Treat? It’s Haribo Time

By Evette Garside @evette77

You may have already had an inkling that Haribo may just turn up on one of my Halloween features, and today that's exactly what's happened.

Trick “r” Treat? It’s Haribo time
Yes Haribo never let us down when it comes to Halloween, and year after year the very same ghosts and ghouls return for their Haribo handouts.

Now here's an interesting Halloween fact. Many people believe the practice of trick or treating began in America, but that's incorrect. It actually began right here in the UK and Ireland and goes as far back as the 16th century. America did not adopt this tradition until the 1920s. Of course sweets like Haribos just did not exist back in the 16th century but costumes did and people would dress up back then and go from house to house in exchange for food on Halloween, reciting verses and giving warnings if nothing was exchanged.

This tradition is hundreds of years old and has not changed all that much over the centuries. Kids still dress up and still knock on doors singing Halloween rhymes , only now it's in exchange for sweets.

Now on Halloween night there are two types of households in the UK. The ones that happily open their door and give sweets and then the miserable gets who refuse to do so, this is of course excluding the vulnerable people such as elderly, disabled, mentally ill, unwell, etc. I mean the bah humbugs of Halloween, the grown ups who have never been children.

If you are one of those people who gladly opens their door to the little monsters then it's always a good idea to stockpile the sweets at least a week before Halloween night, otherwise the only sweets left will be the unaffordable ones.

Haribo of course have many inexpensive sweet bags and tubs to choose from and they always go down so well with most children too.

The Scaremix tub is shaped like a pumpkin and inside is a duo of Tangfastics and Scaremix jelly type chewy sweets. 400g of each variety. Great for trick or treaters and parties. This big reusable tub costs around £4/£5.

Trick “r” Treat? It’s Haribo time

individual bags are usually sold extremely cheaply at just a pound a bag, sometimes even less, and sometimes on special offers depending on the store.

Trick “r” Treat? It’s Haribo time
So if you remember just one thing this Halloween, then remember the Haribo's. Available almost everywhere!

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