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Trick Eye Museum - Siloso Beach

By Chaayen
Have to be frank, the only reason why we were even here was because my friend had complimentary tickets and we sort of thought Trick Eye Museum was still in its old destination - close to USS. Somehow, Sentosa has moved all its "more boring" attractions according to me and my friends to an ulu area at the far flung end of Siloso Beach. 
Each ticket cost about S$25 per adult and my kiddo (who is less than 3 years old) had free entrance. The husband and I brought our stroller along and because we didn't know the change of location was so inconvenient, we didn't take a taxi in (big mistake!) We ended up being an hour late and it doesn't help that most of the lifts/ ramps were closed so we struggled to bring our well-stocked stroller up certain steps. 
Trick Eye Museum - Siloso Beach
The museum is pretty much split into 4 arenas. Quite honestly, my friends and us had more fun watching my kid ran around the empty space. Thank god, he had enough decency not to hijack other photos. Personally, I felt that this new space though spacious seem to hold lesser exhibits. (You can read my old reviews here.)
Trick Eye also explored 4D animation this time round. My friends tried it out and it seems like it is not the most intuitive to use. We had one video which "erm" my friends didn't really direct haha. We were quite lucky it came out funny. I think if you want good photos/ videos, you totally need to go with dramatic people who love to post on their IG. (Obviously my friends ain't those people. Hehe)

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